Data Engineer

About our client

Our client's mission is to deliver inspired, effortless, human connection.

They started in 2013 with the purpose of providing Australians with great value ADSL and nbnTM network services. 

They are  just over a hundred people on one floor in Melbourne Docklands. It’s a start-up feel, with corporate backing. They have a bias for people with mix of skills and willingness to wear multiple hats. There’s no room for heroes or egos. They are one team.

To support rapid growth, improve their speed to market, deliver data-driven, secure, automated and customer centric digital experiences they are renewing all our platforms from the ground up.  


What will be your purpose? 

We are seeking a talented individual to fill a Data Engineer role in a cross-functional agile team.

Your purpose will be to bring a lean, agile approach to the data domain, help us to bring to life Belong’s mission – to deliver inspired, effortless human connection by helping to ensure data is at the heart of every decision that is made. 

You will be responsible for building world class Data platforms in AWS environments, leveraging all available services and mentoring other engineers on best practice Data implementations to generate business value.

You must be Melbourne based.

Key Accountabilities

Enable delivery        

  • Build, optimise and automate data pipelines
  • Develop great solutions on our most ambitious work.
  • Identify solutions to business requirements
  • Estimate and plan workloads for upcoming sprints.
  • Frame development solutions and explain thinking in a compelling way.
  • Ensure development is maintainable, reusable and of high quality.
  • Identify problems or areas for continuous improvement and provide solutions proactively.
Collaboration and Culture

  • Collaborate in agile ways with Products Owners and the wider team to respond to business demand and deliver best practice solutions.
  • Work with a wide range of stakeholders, helping them to solve their problems by delivering value quickly.
  • Drive an agile, lean approach to development / engineering where people are focused on the right work.
  • Foster a data-driven culture where people are encouraged to learn quickly and continuously improve.
  • Contribute to a culture of agility and flexibility where people are focused on the right work and redirected to the right work if they lose their way.
  • Take accountability for upstream and downstream impacts of any changes you and your team make that may impact a customer, employee or partner.
  • Be a cultural ambassador! Help us develop products and services that we’re proud of!
  • Forms and leads multiple teams with the right skills for the work that needs to be done to achieve outcomes.     
  • Delivers complex, cross functional initiatives with speed by ensuring teams adopt relevant methods and tools based on new ways of working.    
  • Accelerates team development by supporting each members development plan, and creating time for learning including team feedback/reflection.     
Leadership and Coaching

  • Provide advice to guide stakeholders.
  • Identify and recommend best options
  • Guide and mentor other more junior developers
  • Continuously improve process and performance

What will you bring?

  • 2+ years of commercial experience in building, optimising and automating ‘data’ pipelines on AWS using Spark, Lambda, Glue, Kinesis, Athena, RedShift, etc
  • Experience in data profiling, ETL development, SQL optimisation
  • Experience in one or more of Python, Java, R, Spark SQL, NodeJS
  • Experience in data visualisation tool such as Tableau 
  • Working knowledge of modern data warehousing architecture 
  • Extensive experience working in an agile cross functional team
Desired qualifications:

  • AWS certified associate level certification
Critical skills:

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience in working in an agile team and collaborating with multiple teams.
  • Creative approach to problem solving both technically and in real life

Melbourne (Docklands)
I.T. & T
Scot Holbrow