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Our Specialist Recruitment division provides temporary, contracting and permanent recruitment solutions at all levels of seniority for both private and public sector clients. We have five offices in Australia providing recruitment services to all states and territories and New Zealand. We operate across a broad range of industries creating candidate-client employment relationships to help organisations thrive. With over 35 years practical experience, we have developed advanced recruitment methodology underpinned by highly experienced specialist consultants, an industry leading talent database and long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

To put it simply, we’re in the business of supporting people and igniting their potential, We love what we do and genuinely want to make a difference in the lives we touch, be it our candidates or our clients.

Our Specialisations

Demand for IT & Digital talent has never been greater. Technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in every aspect of business as all industries undergo rapid digital transformation. This has only accelerated in recent times with the emergence of the remote workforce, the rise of e-commerce, the prevalence of cyber-crime and the rapid adoption of new technology to improve operational efficiencies. As more and more companies look to bolster their IT systems and increase their tech spend, sourcing top IT & Digital talent has never been more challenging.

Business Support staff remain the engine room driving most organisations. In an uncertain market, demand for temporary talent to fill short-term skill gaps are essential for businesses to continue running smoothly. Our business support teams provide temporary, contract and permanent recruitment solutions to help public and private sector companies source great talent across a broad range of business support and office support roles.

Construction and Engineering industries are the mainsprings of the Australian economy. Each sector is growing at a rapid pace due to huge public and private investment in transport infrastructure and other commercial building projects. As competition for resources and projects intensifies and the supply of skilled talent dwindles, sourcing top talent across each sector has become increasingly challenging for organisations.

Demand for information management talent has never been greater. Companies across all industries have a growing appetite for information, data and research to drive their business decisions. Furthermore, rapid advancements in technology have forced traditional information management roles to change. As more companies embrace the power of data and information, finding the right information management talent has become increasingly more challenging for organisations.

The Professional Services industry is booming and will be a key contributor to Australian jobs growth over the next five years. There is high demand for a broad range of talent specialising in disciplines across sales, marketing, HR and legal services.

Sales and marketing talent are the customer-facing frontline of businesses, responsible for creating interest in your brand and selling your products/services. In these sectors, digital marketing, process automation, predictive sales analytics and prospecting intelligence are just some of the emerging roles experiencing strong demand from organisations across most industries. Marketing and sales drive the bottom-line of businesses and ensuring you have top talent to run these functions is critical to success.

Likewise, HR and legal roles are also essential for organisations to function. Legal departments keep organisations out of trouble and HR departments are responsible for a company’s most important asset, its people. In recent times, this importance has only intensified as regulatory environments across industries tighten and greater emphasis is made on employee mental health and wellbeing. Consequently, roles within both disciplines have evolved, making it more challenging than ever to source skilled candidates that employers need to ensure these key departments run smoothly.

Demand for talent across the Australian public sector continues to grow. Digital transformation, increased demand for government services and cyber-security are just some of the key trends driving employment growth across Federal, State and Local Government departments and agencies. In particular, demand for specialised IT developers, engineers, data specialists and cyber-security specialists has never been greater with multiple agencies undergoing significant digital transformations. Furthermore, increased demand for government services from the general public is driving demand for frontline and business support staff to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

Why Choose Ignite Specialist Recruitment?

  • We have a national footprint with specialised consultants operating across five offices.
  • We are an ASX-listed company with 35+ years of experience recruiting for public and private sector clients across key industries
  • We have built an industry leading talent database with over 870,000 candidate records.
  • We use advanced recruitment methodology and processes to support our clients through every step of the hiring journey.
  • We are honest, transparent, not afraid to ask questions and set realistic expectations to optimise the objectives of our stakeholders.
  • We source exceptional candidates with the right combination of technical and soft skills to thrive in your organisation.
  • We are committed to diversity, inclusivity and parity in the Australian workforce.

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