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Working with Ignite

Contractor information

Working with Ignite

Thank you for choosing to be a member of our flexible workforce. We hope you will find your time with us rewarding. At Ignite we pride ourselves on our candidate care and it’s important you feel a part of our team.

The information within this section has been designed to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your assignments with us. We welcome your feedback at any time, so don’t hesitate in contacting your consultant.

  • Casual Employment Agreement or Contractor Agreement
  • Banking Details Form
  • Superannuation Choice Form with instructions
  • Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form

Note: Remember to fill out your TFN Declaration Form before your first pay to avoid being taxed at the highest rate.

You will also receive an email each time you commence a new assignment with a summary of the conditions for that assignment and an eTimecard Quick Reference Guide. It is important that you read these assignment conditions carefully and confirm to your consultant that you accept them via a reply email.

Assignment Information

Starting an Assignment

At the beginning of your assignment your supervisor will show you what duties you are required to perform. As a temp you should not take on additional tasks unless requested by your supervisor. You must obey any lawful and reasonable instructions given by your supervisor.

Your supervisor should also provide:

  • Training about any potential risks
  • Training in the use of machinery, equipment and safety gear if required
  • Training in fire drill and evacuation procedures
  • Keeping in Contact

Whilst on assignment your consultant will maintain contact with you on a regular basis. Please call your consultant on your first day to inform them of your contact number.

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In between Assignment

Please keep in contact with your consultant informing them of your availability. We will assume you are available unless we here otherwise and may keep trying to contact you with further opportunities.

If you accept another assignment elsewhere or take a permanent job please let us know straight away. Also if you have learnt a new skill it is always a good idea to send us an updated resume.

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Finishing an Assignment

Most temporary assignments will have an “end date” but often go beyond that. Whilst on assignment you are in the best position to market yourself and potentially extend your existing assignment or even start a new one in the same company. Please make sure you inform your consultant of any extensions to your assignment or if you have been offered something else.

If you do finish on the expected date then speaking to your consultant a week before finishing is always a good idea so that they can start looking for your next assignment with Ignite.

We also need to make sure that our systems reflect that you have finished so that you are not contacted by payroll chasing missing timesheets.

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Payroll Information

Ignite uses the Astute payroll system. On commencement of your first assignment you will receive an email with your login details. If you have not received this, please check your junk/spam email. If still not received then contact your account manager as soon as possible.

Just a few pointers:

  • Double check all details are correct before submitting your timesheet for approval.
  • Submit your timesheet to your supervisor before 5pm on Fridays. This gives your supervisor time to authorise before 10am on Monday following the week worked. Payments are processed on Tuesday to ensure you receive your payment on Thursday. You may receive payment before this but it is best not to rely on an early payment as there can be delays with banking processes.
  • You will be paid directly into your bank account each week and you will be emailed your payslip.

Remember: Be careful to enter timesheets against the correct job.
If in doubt as to the status of your timesheet, you can check this by logging into the Astute payroll system

Who to contact

Please contact your consultant in the first instance if you have any issues around your pay. This could be any of the following:

  • If you haven’t received your pay
  • If you haven’t received your payslip
  • Checking receipt of timesheets
  • TFN queries
  • Centrelink queries
  • eTimecard queries

Please contact our payroll department on 02 9250 8000 for the following:

  • Copies or enquires of Payment Summaries
  • Superannuation

Ignite is responsible for making superannuation payments for you. This payment is in addition to your hourly rate.

Please ensure you complete the Choice of Superannuation Form even if you are electing to use our default Super Fund – Sun Super. If you have any questions about contributions to Sun Super, please phone 13 11 84 or go to their website.

Frequently asked questions

What if I am sick or running late?

If you are booked into an assignment and you are unable to go to work or are running late, please call your consultant as soon as possible so they can inform the client and organise a replacement if necessary.

Can I take time off?

If you require time off or leave for any matter please contact your consultant and they will liaise with the client on your behalf. If you are attending interviews for permanent positions please organise these outside your regular working hours where possible. Otherwise always contact your consultant first to determine the time you may require.

Can I use my mobile phone or the internet whilst on assignment?

You may use your mobile but it should always be restricted to your breaks so as not to disrupt your work. Emergency calls are obviously acceptable.

Many clients will have policies around internet usage for their staff and as a temporary staff member you will also be governed by those policies. Please check with your supervisor when you commence your assignment regarding internet usage.

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