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Expert Government Scribing Services

Overview of Ignite’s Experience

Ignite has been providing specialised scribing services to various government clients, including both Federal and ACT, since 2008.

The team’s expertise spans across different levels, from APS1 TO SES Band 3, catering specifically to the requirements of
Government Departments.

Services Description

Our scribes, skilled in handling department-specific details and intricacies, are sourced from an extensive pool with diverse government department experience.

We foster strong relationships with departments and provide a preferred scribe for each process as required, ensuring continuity and familiarity.


One Contact Point System

  • Ignite ensures streamlined communication and consistency in service delivery by providing a single contact point for all scribing services.
  • This approach guarantees clear understanding of requirements, consistency in templates and formats, and alignment of delivery expectations between Ignite, the scribe, and the client.

Diverse Expertise In Our Team

  • Our team comprises highly experienced scribes with backgrounds in various APS roles, including HR and Corporate Services.
  • Specialisations include senior-level scribing for SES, as well as focused expertise in business support and executive recruitment

Broad Clientele Base

Adhere to regulatory guidelines
Our services comply with key legislative and regulatory frameworks, such as:

  • Public Service Act 1999
  • Public Service Regulations 1999
  • Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2016
  • Fair Work Act 2009

Partner Testimonials: The Proof of Our Excellence

Zarina Fitzgerald
Hiring Manager
National Library of Australia
Zarina was incredibly helpful. Having never worked through the process to transit someone from an agency contract to a permanent organisational contract I was a bit lost but Zarina explained all the steps and what was needed of me. Thanks.
Mary Farag
Hiring Manager
Movigo Group
Mary has made the recruitment process so much more pleasurable, by vet and validating pre- interview candidates. Mary has kept in contact throughout the recruitment assignment and has provided continuous updates on new potential candidates, and has successfully put forward 2 individuals who I have now offered positions to.
Michael Higgins
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael is well versed with our organisation and requirements and has been able to source the right candidates. The employees currently working with us are of high quality.
Zarina Fitzgerald
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Zarina has been a pleasure to work with over the last 2 years, she has been very accommodating and open, and has delivered ideal candidates for positions we have required. I would like to thank Zarina for her open communication and friendly nature. Zarina is very approachable and personable.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Nicole is easy to communicate with and has proven professional in all her conduct. Nicole delivers to meet our business needs.
Michael Knight
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael has a deep understanding of the market conditions and our business requirements. Michael is customer focused and provides high quality candidates aligned with business expectations.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Nicole is approachable and responsive to client needs. She actively engages with us as the client, and regularly checking on performance of the candidates she has placed on engagements with us. Nicole works well with us as a client to ensure we obtain best outcomes for the Commonwealth, whilst ensuring we collectively provide the best experience for highly skilled staff.
Michael Higgins
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael is the ultimate professional, very responsive to our business requirements and goes above & beyond to search & identify suitable candidates.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Nicole is a pleasure to deal with. She worked tirelessly to provide us a large number of suitable candidates recently to fill some vacancies. The process was so smooth, the candidates are great and everyone is happy!
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Scope of Scribing Tasks

Ignite scribes are adept in handling various aspects of the interview and selection process, including:

Interview Scheduling
Question Preparation
Active Participation in Interviews
Comprehensive Reporting


Our services cover the full spectrum of the selection process, from initial candidate assessment to the preparation of final reports and merit lists.

Availability of Experienced Scribes/Independents

  • Our network includes ready-to-deploy scribes and independents, capable of fulfilling a range of tasks integral to the selection process.
  • These tasks include development of interview questions, scribing during interviews, acting as independent panel members, and conducting thorough referee reports.

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