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Public Service (APS) Pay Rates

Understanding Australian Public
Service Salaries: A Complete
Guide to APS Pay Scales

Pursuing a career within the Australian Public Service (APS) presents an attractive proposition for a wide range of job seekers, owing to its reputation for stability and a rewarding work environment. Nonetheless, as with any career, a thorough comprehension of the salary framework is crucial for individuals to make knowledgeable choices regarding their career trajectory.

Download APS Agency Pay Scales

All data and information provided herein are sourced from the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website, available at https://www.apsc.gov.au/. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research and due diligence to verify the accuracy of the information provided. Ignite Limited ABN 43 002 724 334 (“Ignite”) and its affiliates do not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies found within the data nor shall they be liable for any decisions made based on this information. Reliance on any information from this source is solely at the individual’s own risk.

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