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The purpose of this role

This role is designed to contribute to the overall success of Ignite by sourcing and talent pooling candidates for Account Managers to use for contract and permanent placements. This includes managing all the administration around advertising, screening, and interviewing candidates and maintaining candidate data integrity on our systems.

This person will be
responsible for

Job Profiling
Accurately define the responsibilities and required skills and competencies of roles to identify the key candidate requirements for the sourcing process including:

  • Building an accurate candidate profile to drive an effective sourcing strategy
  • Determine the technical and business skills required to identify suitable candidates

Sourcing Candidates
Find, attract, and retain quality and skilled candidates through proactive sourcing and engagement techniques including:

  • Optimising the use of Ignite’s systems to identify and attract suitable talent through targeted job adverts and campaigns.
  • Using productive Web.2 and sourcing platforms to complement traditional ways of identifying active and passive talent.
  • Using personal networks, social media, online associations, and traditional job boards to find and refer prospective candidates.
  • Maintaining database integrity throughout each stage of candidate sourcing process.

Candidate Assessment
Make valid and reliable judgements to recommend candidates for hire including:

  • Engaging with candidates to qualify their experience and suitability for talent pools and roles
  • Assessing candidate suitability and communicating candidate profile and fit with reliable evidence.

Additional duties

Candidate Engagement
Create connections with candidates with an emphasis on providing a good candidate experience, by:

  • Acting as a trusted advisor through consulting and keeping them informed and engaged in the process

Communication & Collaboration
Keep Account Managers informed throughout the recruitment process and collaborate with colleagues by:

  • Providing timely feedback to Account Managers and your team members.
  • Collaborating with your team to ensure all roles are worked effectively, sharing candidate profiles and assisting colleagues with busier or urgent client requirements, in order to deliver the best outcome for our clients and candidates.

Sales Prospecting
Identify sales leads when engaging with candidates by listening for sales opportunities and by researching social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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