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Engineering recruitment solutions

Engineering recruitment

Engineering recruitment

At Ignite, we have a profound understanding of the engineering industry and its associated recruitment needs. In fact, over the last four decades, we have provided contract, temporary and permanent engineering recruitment solutions at all levels of seniority in both public and private organisations.

This valuable experience means that we recognise the nature of the industry and the unique skill set required to perform roles throughout your organisation.

With leading-edge talent proving crucial to both short- and long-term operations, combined with a genuine passion for forging client-candidate connections, you can be assured that Ignite’s team are on hand for you.

Ensuring that whether you’re scaling-up operations or looking to provide temporary coverage, recruitment can be both seamless and practical.

Our whole-of-market approach

Characterised by our whole of market approach to recruitment, at Ignite, we have one of Australia’s largest and most diverse contractor workforces. Encompassing a sizeable group of active job seekers, our talent pool is equal parts experienced and willing to explore new opportunities.

By placing emphasis on appointment and providing support, we are able to develop relationships with both clients and contractors. The results of which foster deeper understandings and, subsequently, better placements.

The pride we take in forging connections and lasting partnerships ensures that we have an innate knowledge of both companies and individuals. All of which lays the foundation for successful client-candidate relationships. And is one of the reasons our clients keep coming back to us.

Matching you with candidates who understand the business and are a cultural fit brings a sense of ease to recruitment, even if your recruitment requirements seem a little complex.

With a large talent pool that can service public and private organisations and a range of different organisational positions, Ignite can help you make recruitment decisions with ease.

Finding the right fit

Specialising in engineering recruitment, we have been providing quality recruiting solutions for nearly forty years. This experience and the passion of our consultants highlight our commitment to helping your business thrive both today and into the future.

With consultants that understand the unique aspects of engineering recruitment, we can confidently and competently help you recruit engineers that are tailored for your business, with the right soft and technical skills to help your organisation thrive.

While talent is at the forefront of recruitment, our highly experienced consultants also place credence on finding the right worker. Someone who will work productively with existing staff to meet key targets.

We pride ourselves on providing agile services to our clients and contractors. This means looking into everything from hybrid workplace solutions to developing formalised processes to ensure that we provide continued support.

By maintaining regular communication with both clients and candidates, we can continue to make sure that our recruitment solutions are both efficient and effective. Ensuring you have the time and talent needed to continue delivering on your business objectives.

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