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Contract recruitment

Contract recruitment

Ignite helps your organisation become better equipped to deal with both the expected and unexpected in today’s shifting and multi-faceted working landscape.

By offering contract recruitment services across a range of different sectors and industry specialisations, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to remain competitive whilst achieving your goals.

Mobilising your workplace through contract recruitment can provide much-needed reinforcements during periods of increased demand. Additionally, help can also be provided for roles where finding permanent employees may prove difficult.

Finding the right talent is a critical aspect of this. Our flexible recruitment solutions and in-depth strategies combine to help partner top-tier professionals from our incredibly extensive database with the right role in the right organisation.

Offering benefits to both contractors and clients alike, we take contract recruitment seriously. While we may be looking to place individuals with your company for a predetermined amount of time— short- or long-term— we still diligently assess the different elements of compatibility to ensure the right fit.

The need for contract recruitment

Changing workplace structures and employee demands have combined to increase the popularity of contract employment. While facilitating the notion of a gig economy, there are benefits to both organisations and workers.

Essentially a more flexible approach to hiring practices, contract employment comes with an expected timeframe attached. In some cases, there can be the potential to extend the contract at a later date.

For employers, contract employment provides instant and flexible employment solutions. This can prove beneficial should workloads need to be more evenly distributed amongst your workforce or if a project requires a specific skill set.

As an agile hiring solution, employers can also use it as a strategy to meet current demands while still operating within a budget.

If budget constraints are at the fore, contract recruitment is a cost-effective practice. This is largely because the associated costs are lower when onboarding and training workers who possess the right skill set from the outset.

A strong network forged through relationships

While workplaces across the nation are currently undergoing transformations, such as implementing flexible or even hybrid working arrangements, at Ignite, we provide clients with professionals matched to their unique specifications.

Our network of contractors is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced. Consisting of professionals with expertise in a range of different industry sectors, our talent pool facilitates seamless recruiting.

By placing emphasis on forging relationships and providing ongoing post-employment support, our network is comprised of professionals who are actively and reflexively seeking recruitment opportunities.

Such diverse connections ensure that your company can access higher-quality candidates. Candidates who are not only willing but also able to perform the required tasks.

An easy process

Diligent, yet streamlined, hiring and onboarding practices work to ensure that you are hiring professionals that can provide value from day one of their employment.

This is invaluable when you consider that contract recruitment is often used to fill staffing and skills shortages due to circumstances ranging from parental and sick leave to staff turnover and business upscaling.

Our unique approach to recruitment extends to our compatibility assessments. When it comes to contractor placement, we place emphasis on both technical skills and cultural fit.

This agile and personalised approach allows us to quickly and expertly gain deeper, more informed insights. This results in the right professionals being matched with the right clients, no matter how complex your contract recruitment needs may be.

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