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Diversity and inclusion policy

Diversity and Inclusion

One of Australia's preferred recruiting agencies

As one of Australia’s most notable recruiting agencies, we understand the key role that different voices and backgrounds can play in organisations. Adding a deeper breadth of knowledge and a respected point of view,

“diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace is a key facet to success”

With this in mind, at Ignite, we place value on diversity and are dedicated to ensuring that across the recruitment, implementation and retention processes for both our company and our clients, inclusion is at the fore.

Maximising potential through a diverse workforce

By valuing diversity and inclusion, our contractor and internal workforce is consequently more unique and experienced. For our clients, this has tangible organisational benefits.

A larger talent pool essentially means more talent to choose from. This undoubtedly aids the recruitment process. Resulting in your business being partnered with the talent needed to reach your maximum potential.

The ability to provide incomparable recruitment solutions has both small and large impacts on our clients, candidates and employees. Affording exceptional project outcomes and imitable organisational efficiencies.

Future talent program

Our future talent program helps future-proof your resource needs and talent pipelines that you can staircase through your organisation.

Typically, we identify a cohort of undergraduates, people transitioning careers, or people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds and engage them in a merit-based assessment process. This cohort is then offered a bespoke training program whilst working in your technology, business or operational teams.

As one of Australia’s most reputable recruitment agencies, we’re driven by diversity and inclusion. Benefit from our robust team and experience now.

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