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Empowering Excellence: Ignite's Recruitment Success Stories

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Optimizing Business Intelligence: A leading global manufacturing company’s BI Reporting Project Case Study

Project Overview Business Partner: ITW (IT Division) Project Focus: BI Reporting Project Goal: Enable strategic decision-making through improved BI reporting Scope of Work On-Demand was commissioned by the global manufacturing company’s IT division to enhance its business reporting capabilities. The project involved the provision of a BI Lead Developer and a BI Analyst, focusing on developing, testing, and maintaining the manufacturing company’s data warehouse environment. Roles and Responsibilities BI Lead Developer: Engagement: Collaborated with the Reporting and BI Analyst, reporting to the IT & Digital Manager. Key Tasks: Developed and tested the SSAS tabular model in an Azure-based warehouse. Created and tested Power BI visualizations and reports. Investigated and resolved data issues in report calculations and warehouse data. Expertise Demonstrated: Proficient in Power BI, SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (Tabular/Multidimensional), and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Developed and maintained SSIS packages for ETL operations. Supported and developed the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Knowledgeable in various systems including Microsoft BI Stack, Cognos, and Pronto Xi ERP. BI Analyst: Role: Data expert skilled in databases, data warehouse management, and report development. Responsibilities: Assessed user needs to provide support, training, and proactive services. Addressed reporting opportunities using relevant tools. Provided second and third-level helpdesk support for reporting/BI and data warehouse issues. Engaged in the development and testing of reporting and BI requirements. Maintained strong application knowledge to achieve business objectives. Troubleshoot data issues in report calculations or warehouse data. Facilitated cross-functional meetings to discuss reporting needs and improvements. Guiding Principles: Utilized our clients' guiding principles and toolbox for operational improvements. Impact The BI Lead Developer and Analyst played crucial roles in enhancing our client's BI reporting capabilities. Their expertise in data analysis, visualization, and warehouse management significantly contributed to the company's ability to make informed, strategic decisions. The project underscored the importance of sophisticated BI tools and skilled professionals in transforming data into actionable business insights.

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Enhancing Network Infrastructure: Case Study on SD WAN Rollout for a Leading global construction company

Project Overview On Demand supplied a team of three engineers to assist the leading global construction company with the rollout of their SD WAN project in Sydney and Melbourne. This team, including two field network security engineers with Palo Alto/Meraki expertise, was responsible for managing network setups, decommissions, and relocations for construction sites and head offices. Service Scope Network Setup and Management: Ownership of network-related setups, decommissions, and relocations. Collaboration with site setup coordinators and deskside teams for timely network service delivery. Configuration and management of Meraki switches, MX devices, and Wireless access points. Skill Requirements: 4+ years’ experience with Cisco Meraki devices. Network & security operations management experience, with proficiency in network management tools like SolarWinds. Expertise in WAN technologies (SDWAN, MPLS, ADSL, LL, 4G/LTE). Experience with telco vendor management for service connections and feasibility studies. Strong understanding of networking principles, including routing protocols (OSPF, BGP), IP telephony, and video conferencing products. Proficiency in Windows Server network server roles (DHCP, NPS, DNS) and troubleshooting skills. Team Leadership: The team lead, an expert in network resource management and cloud migration, reported directly to the global construction company. Key focus on firewall rule determination for migrating applications to Azure, supporting migrations, and troubleshooting. Key Skillset for Team Lead: Advanced experience with network and security appliances, including Azure networking components. Proficiency in IAC provisioning and vulnerability management. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to mentor and train junior staff. Flexibility for out-of-hours works as part of a global team. Project Impact The deployment of a skilled team significantly contributed to the efficient and secure rollout of the SD WAN project. Through their expertise in network and security operations, cloud migration, and vendor management, On Demand effectively addressed the complex requirements of our client, ensuring a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

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Comprehensive Case Study: Ignite’s Collaboration with IBM for a Big Four Financial Institution.

Overview Business Partner: IBM End Client: Big Four Financial Institution Services Provided: IMAC, Ad Hoc & Field Services Project Scope Ignite was contracted by IBM to deliver comprehensive IMAC services, ad hoc project support, and field service delivery across various branches, business banking centres, and corporate sites of the Big Four Financial Institution in Australia. Services Overview Ignite On Demand Services: System Migration Support: Assisted in migrating hardware and software systems across numerous locations. Hardware Issue Resolution: Addressed hardware-related issues arising from setup variations. New Software System Integration: Implemented multiple new software systems/products. Ad Hoc Support: Provided ongoing support for various emerging issues. Response Planning with IBM: Established plans for urgent issues (e.g., BitLocker issues). On-Site Support: Deployed consultants for necessary on-site assistance. Relocations & Refurbishments (R&R) Contract: Project Execution: Successfully completed over 350 relocation and refurbishment jobs. Service Features: Availability of 1-2 consultants per job with less than two hours’ notice. Flexible schedules to meet project KPIs and timelines. Maintained continuity of consultants for consistent project knowledge. Adaptability to scheduling changes. Project Highlight: Closed 36 branches over 2 consecutive Fridays across 3 states, accommodating schedule shifts and still meeting deadlines. Project Works: Corporate Location Support: Provided project works at various corporate locations in Australia. Service Features: Support for office relocations including connectivity and hardware mapping. Testing works post-renovations, including network infrastructure and onsite tech support. Supervised the disaster recovery program. Outcome At the end of the contract, our client acknowledged Ignite's significant contribution. The client facilitated discussions for Ignite with the new service provider that succeeded IBM, leading to several Ignite staff transitions to ensure continuity and stability for a Big Four Financial Institutions' ongoing projects.

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Rapid Response Recruitment: Excelling in Government Sector Staffing Solutions

Background: An Australian Government Agency faced a critical staffing challenge. They urgently needed to fill four contract roles (APS3 and APS4 levels) after previous contractors withdrew post-appointment. The agency initially reached out to the recruitment agency responsible for the original hires, but the response was unsatisfactory and failed to resolve the issue. Challenge: Time was the government agency's biggest adversary. They had a tight deadline to backfill these positions. Failure to do so within a week would necessitate a lengthy and cumbersome new Request for Quotation (RFQ) process, setting back timelines by a month. Consequently, they needed a recruitment firm to provide a shortlist of candidates within one day. Approach: To meet this demanding timeline, Ignite employed a team-oriented and priority-driven approach: Account Managers and resource personnel across Ignite collaboratively scoured their networks for vetted, high-quality APS 4 and strong APS 3 candidates who could potentially fit the roles. A long list of potential candidates was swiftly compiled. Each one was contacted personally to discuss the role requirements and assess their fit and interest. Concurrently, administrative staff were mobilized to assist in updating and formatting the candidates' resumes and ensuring compliance with internal processes. Solution: Within an astonishingly brief six-hour window from the initial request, Ignite was able to present the client with a thoroughly vetted shortlist of six candidates, showcasing the agency's efficiency and commitment to client needs. Outcome: The client, originally seeking to fill four positions, was so impressed with the exceptional backgrounds and qualifications of the six shortlisted candidates that they decided to hire all of them. This decision not only solved their immediate staffing needs but also brought additional expertise and capability to their team. The client's satisfaction with the rapid and effective response of Ignite strengthened their relationship, leading to a preference for Ignite in future staffing requirements. This outcome highlights the Ignite’s ability to exceed client expectations and provide top-tier talent under tight deadline

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Case Study: Successful Staffing Solution for public library service New Branch Opening

Background: Public library service embarked on the exciting journey of opening a new branch to cater to the growing community's literary needs. With the anticipated launch just months away the library recognized the crucial need for additional staffing to ensure the seamless initial operations of the new branch. However, the uncertainty surrounding council approval for permanent positions led the library to explore the option of engaging temporary staff for a fixed 6-month contract. Project Overview: Public library service sought quotes for 8 temporary staffing solutions for three key positions essential to the new branch's success: Library Assistants (LAs) Library Officers Librarians Each position carried distinct responsibilities critical to the efficient functioning of the library, with duties ranging from customer service, cataloguing, and administrative tasks for Library Assistants, to more specialized roles such as program management and collection development for Librarians. Key Details: Contract Duration: 6 months Positions: A number of staff required for each role based on the operational needs of the new Public Library branch. Vendor Selection Process: The Public Library initiated a competitive vendor selection process to identify the most suitable partner for providing temporary staffing services. The criteria for selection included: Experience in Library Staffing: Vendors with a proven track record in providing staffing solutions for library settings were given preference. Cost-Effective Proposals: The library sought competitive quotes ensuring that the proposed rates aligned with the budget constraints. Availability of Qualified Candidates: Vendors were evaluated based on their ability to promptly provide qualified candidates meeting the specific requirements of each position. Vendor Engagement: After a meticulous evaluation, The Public Library Service engaged Ignite as a staffing provider that demonstrated a thorough understanding of the unique staffing needs associated with library operations. Ignite efficiently addressed the requirements for Library Assistants, Library Officers, and Librarians, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce for the new branch. Outcomes: The successful engagement of temporary staff allowed the Public Library to meet the operational demands of the new branch promptly. The staff seamlessly integrated into their respective roles, contributing to the library's smooth launch and early success. The library was able to maintain high standards of service, ensuring a positive experience for patrons during the initial crucial months. Conclusion: The Public Library’s strategic decision to engage temporary staff through Ignite for the new branch's launch, in anticipation of council approval for permanent positions, proved to be a successful and pragmatic approach. The library's commitment to excellence in service, coupled with Ignite’s expertise in providing qualified candidates, resulted in a well-staffed and efficiently operated new branch.

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Mastering Niche Talent Acquisition: Ignite’s Success in Recruiting Python Developers for Australian Government Agency

Background: Organization: An Agency of the Australian Government. Issue: Need for a specialized team of Python Developers for a major project, a skill set rare and challenging to source. Challenge: Specialised Skill Requirement: Python development skills, considered niche and in high demand. Quality and Timeliness: Meeting the government's strict quality expectations and deadlines. Cultural Fit and Hybrid Skills: Finding candidates who not only have the technical skills but also fit the unique culture and expectations of the government agency. Approach: Long-standing Relationship: Utilizing Ignite's established relationship with the government agency since 1999. Deep Understanding: Gaining an in-depth insight into the agency's vision, culture, and project expectations. Comprehensive Recruitment Strategy: Implementing a targeted approach to identify and recruit specialists with the desired skill set and cultural fit. Solution: Proven Expertise: Leveraging Ignite's reputation as a top-tier supplier due to their ability to provide specialized developers. Strategic Sourcing: Efficiently sourcing and managing a team of Python developers for the agency's major project. Outcome: Successful Placement: Placement of 8 high-quality Python developer contractors on time. Reduced Turnover: Achieving a lower than usual staff turnover, indicating successful matching and job satisfaction. Project Support: Contributing significantly to the project's success through timely and quality recruitment. Conclusion: This case study showcases Ignite's expertise in sourcing niche technical talent for government agencies. By understanding the specific needs and culture of the agency, Ignite successfully recruited a team of Python developers, meeting stringent quality and deadline requirements. This highlights the importance of a tailored recruitment approach, deep client understanding, and a focus on both technical and soft skills in government sector recruitment. Key Takeaways: Specialization in Niche Technologies: Emphasizing the need for specialized recruitment strategies for niche skills like Python development. Strategic Partnerships: The value of long-term relationships and deep understanding of client needs in recruitment. Quality and Cultural Fit: The importance of meeting high standards and finding candidates who align with specific organizational cultures.

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