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Case study: Ignite: Powering ICT Projects for a Major Federal Government Agency

17 April 2024


For over 25 years, Ignite has played a pivotal role in staffing the critical IT systems of a Major Federal Government Agency. Our story with this agency isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about a deep partnership built on trust, commitment, and a shared understanding of the agency’s unique needs.

This partnership is exemplified by our dedicated team for this agency. For a decade, it has delved into their IT landscape, meticulously mapping evolving requirements and staffing trends. Their expertise has led to 25 successful ICT placements in just the last 5 years, each one contributing to the agency’s mission.

Our success lies in a multi-pronged approach. It starts with tapping into the power of our Bullhorn database, a vast repository of talent cultivated over time. We cast a wider net with established referral networks and targeted searches on platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter. Each potential candidate is rigorously assessed, their skills and experience matched against the agency’s demanding standards. But the human touch is key – our account managers personally vets each shortlisted candidate, ensuring suitability beyond a resume.

Technology is our backbone. Streamlined workflows, integrated with tools like Workpro and Astute Payroll, ensure seamless candidate management, onboarding, and payroll. This efficiency translates into swift action for the agency, vital in a dynamic ICT environment.

The team’s dedication doesn’t stop at placement. They proactively foster open communication with the agency, ensuring competitive pricing and gathering feedback for continuous improvement. Meanwhile, our compliance team meticulously ensures adherence to all regulations and security protocols.

The results speak for themselves. From Business Analysts to Cyber Security Architects, Ignite has sourced diverse specialists, underpinning the agency’s success. We believe our diverse team fosters an inclusive recruitment process, mirroring the values of our Federal Government partners. Integrity, honesty, and transparency are non-negotiable in our interactions.

We’re also committed to sustainability. Hybrid work options and the use of digital tools allow us to reduce our environmental footprint, aligning with responsible business practices.

Ignite’s story with this Major Federal Government Agency is one of long-term collaboration. Three decades of government recruitment expertise combined with specialized knowledge of this agency make us a trusted partner for every critical ICT staffing need.

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