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Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment

At Ignite, we understand talent’s integral role in your daily operations. Whether your organisation is in the IT, engineering, Defence, or even information management space, we can provide unparalleled permanent recruitment solutions.

In an age where the right worker is seemingly becoming harder to find, we simplify your recruitment processes. With a combination of connection, understanding and ingenuity, we can find the best professional for your business and team.

The flexible workforce solutions engaged by our knowledgeable consultants are designed to provide you with the right talent at the right time. Ensuring that business processes can remain smooth and efficient.

Finding the right fit for your organisation, in terms of both skill sets and culture, is integral to successful operations. And remains one of the reasons why we have been around for 40 years. The deep market knowledge and industry experience present in all of our consultants lays the foundation for seamless and effective recruitment.

Meaningful recruitment solutions for long-term investment

Rather than focusing on short-term solutions to meet changing demands or needs, our recruitment solutions are meaningful. All of which work to attract the right professional for the role and the organisation long term.

The role of permanent employees in organisations across any sector is crucial. There are not only time and monetary investments but also operational facets to consider. By trusting Ignite to provide permanent recruitment solutions, we can help you make the right investment in full-time or part-time staff.

Stay on track

Attracting and retaining the best talent goes a long way towards ensuring that your business not only stays on track but also thrives. With one of Australia’s largest and most diverse talent pools, Ignite can connect you with the right professional for your business needs, no matter how complex they are.

Consisting of top-tier professionals across various specialties and levels of expertise, our candidates comprises highly qualified and, most importantly, eager-to-start working people.

When recruiting for permanent positions, the right professional with the proper skill set, experience and attitude is central to success. As our talent pool spans individuals actively and passively looking for employment opportunities, we can find the perfect fit for your precise requirements. And we do that by understanding exactly what your needs are and how you like to work.

Ignite’s whole-of-market approach to recruitment highlights our mission to connect our clients with the best talent available. With this combination of recruitment techniques and our proven advanced methodology, we can find you a higher-quality professional who is excited about the role. And will make a difference to your bottom line.

Ensuring both a technical and cultural fit increases retention levels. In the short term, you can divert focus to more integral business matters. In the long term, increased retention can positively impact your company’s success and workplace culture.

Matching the right fit

Finding the right technical and cultural fit for a permanent position plays a large role in retention.

One facet of successful professionals is their skill set and experience. The other component is their ability to adapt to and embrace elements of workplace culture.

Matching an individual’s skill set to the role will have immediate benefits. This is true whether you’re looking to upscale in order to meet changing project demands or you’re creating an entirely new role to fill talent gaps.

Ensuring that a new recruit is a cultural fit will impact everything from achieving business objectives to maintaining high levels of workplace morale and long-term retention.

When a new recruit buys into your workplace culture, teamwork is seamless and productive, new ideas are generated, and day-to-day work is informed by your overarching business values.

A team behind you

Complementing our unique Permanent roles is our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. For nearly forty years, our team have confidently delivered permanent recruitment solutions across a range of different industries in Australia.

Our longstanding consultants approach recruitment with a mix of tried and tested methods and elements of ingenuity. Our processes are informed by industry best practices as well as sophisticated systems internally. By going that extra step, our processes are more diverse, deeper, and, ultimately, more meaningful.

With a genuine passion for forging successful client-candidate relationships, you can find a recruitment consultant that takes great pride in keeping at the forefront of the industry, staying informed of trends, leveraging, combining and analysing new and existing techniques.

By attending workshops and engaging in external and internal leading-edge training, our consultants are constantly working to ensure that our clients have access to the best, most effective recruitment solutions available.

We genuinely care about your success and are ardent about finding a professional who can help your business thrive in both the short- and long term. And always strive to uphold our core values in every engagement.

Taking the time to learn about your industry— even though we are well equipped with decades of public sector experience— and your unique set of wants and needs leads to a greater understanding and a more meaningful client-candidate connection. All of which makes the hiring and implementation process exponentially smoother.

A dependable solution

With permanent professionals playing a prominent role in successful day-to-day operations, recruitment methods must be competent and dependable.

We want our clients to have confidence in our candidates and their ability to provide both immediate and lasting positive impacts. That’s why we have dedicated teams in charge of each stage of the recruitment process.

Our dedicated account management team, national resource team, contracts and compliance team and in-house legal advisors ensure that our processes are seamless, diligent and effective.

These teams allow dedicated personnel to work on vital processes ranging from talent sourcing and screening to reviewing work orders and maintaining the correct insurances.

This helps us make sure that we are doing everything to source great professionals for roles who are not only technically proficient but also able to work with a team and within guidelines.

These formalised processes ensure that we are achieving compliance in relation to Commonwealth procurement guidelines and the like while also being flexible enough to adapt to changing workplace trends.

This way, we can confidently find outstanding candidates for everything from IT services, cyber security, business support and engineering recruitment to information management, professional service, government and Defence recruitment.

Ongoing support

Underlying our enviable approach to permanent recruitment is our continued support. With dedicated consultants who are passionate about helping your business achieve great results, ongoing support is not just part of your package, but it’s second nature.

Rather than simply placing a professional within your organisation and moving on to the next task, we double as an ongoing consultant. Employing elements of coaching, role-playing, and even providing up-to-date advice.

This emphasis on post-placement care is vital, particularly in permanent recruitment. We want our candidate-client connections to be successful for many years to come. Which has been demonstrated in our current decades-long client relationships.

By acting as a sounding board and support team, we can facilitate exceptional and continued connections, resulting in better outcomes for our clients and contractors.

Learning what makes each member of our talent pool unique means we can quickly and confidently find the right professional match for your organisation’s needs, no matter how complex they may seem.

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Partner Testimonials: The Proof of Our Excellence

Zarina Fitzgerald
Hiring Manager
National Library of Australia
Zarina was incredibly helpful. Having never worked through the process to transit someone from an agency contract to a permanent organisational contract I was a bit lost but Zarina explained all the steps and what was needed of me. Thanks.
Mary Farag
Hiring Manager
Movigo Group
Mary has made the recruitment process so much more pleasurable, by vet and validating pre- interview candidates. Mary has kept in contact throughout the recruitment assignment and has provided continuous updates on new potential candidates, and has successfully put forward 2 individuals who I have now offered positions to.
Michael Higgins
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael is well versed with our organisation and requirements and has been able to source the right candidates. The employees currently working with us are of high quality.
Zarina Fitzgerald
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Zarina has been a pleasure to work with over the last 2 years, she has been very accommodating and open, and has delivered ideal candidates for positions we have required. I would like to thank Zarina for her open communication and friendly nature. Zarina is very approachable and personable.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Nicole is easy to communicate with and has proven professional in all her conduct. Nicole delivers to meet our business needs.
Michael Knight
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael has a deep understanding of the market conditions and our business requirements. Michael is customer focused and provides high quality candidates aligned with business expectations.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of Defence
Nicole is approachable and responsive to client needs. She actively engages with us as the client, and regularly checking on performance of the candidates she has placed on engagements with us. Nicole works well with us as a client to ensure we obtain best outcomes for the Commonwealth, whilst ensuring we collectively provide the best experience for highly skilled staff.
Michael Higgins
Hiring Manager
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Michael is the ultimate professional, very responsive to our business requirements and goes above & beyond to search & identify suitable candidates.
Nicole Henry
Hiring Manager
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Nicole is a pleasure to deal with. She worked tirelessly to provide us a large number of suitable candidates recently to fill some vacancies. The process was so smooth, the candidates are great and everyone is happy!
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