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Case Study: Ignite’s Comprehensive Managed IT Services for Major Client Across Australia

17 April 2024


Client :

Large provider of IT infrastructure services


Client required a managed services provider to provide ongoing support for a wide range of its clients that included organisations like Telstra. Ignite has been retained for several years as one of clients choice to provide specialist managed services across Australia for System and Server Operations, Infrastructure Support and Tape and Media Operations.


Ignite has delivered 24/7 support and ensured compliance with Archive Data Management standards for several of this client’s high-value clients in their media operations. This has included the efficient management of tape and media logistics, adherence to disaster recovery and audit requirements, and maintaining high communication and information security standards. Ignite has also tackled resourcing challenges, operational demands, and customer satisfaction by implementing robust processes and comprehensive knowledge transfer programs.


These actions demonstrate Ignite’s strong capacity to deliver, leading to successfully managing responsibilities and maintaining service levels and operational standards. The partnership with clients boosted resource management, operational efficiency, and service quality, ensuring high client satisfaction and compliance.

Ethical Behaviour:

Ignite prioritised ethical practices, including transparency, integrity, and legal compliance, fostering client trust and reliability, and demonstrating its commitment to ethical service delivery.


Ignites sustainability efforts were evident in its optimisation of resource use, waste reduction, and efficient data management practices. These actions align with environmental and corporate sustainability goals, underscoring Ignite’s commitment to sustainable operations.

Summary :

Ignite specialises in managed services, focusing on System and Server Operations, Infrastructure Support, and Tape and Media Operations across Australia. The company ensures stringent service level objectives and resourcing levels are maintained. Ignite’s strategy encompasses 24/7 support, media operations compliance with Archive Data Management standards, and meticulous tape and media logistics management to adhere to procedural information management standards. Strict security, safety, and training protocols were enforced to meet operational and corporate standards.

These actions culminated in a strengthened service delivery model, achieving and often surpassing service level objectives and operational benchmarks. Effective collaboration with clients enhanced resource management, operational efficiency, and service quality, leading to high client satisfaction. Ignite’s commitment to ethical practices and sustainability has ensured its services’ longevity and environmental consideration, demonstrating its capability to deliver high-quality, sustainable services in a competitive market.

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