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Case study: Partnership in Action: Ignite Fills Critical Roles for Federal Government Agencies large project

17 April 2024



A Federal Government agency required urgent filling of 15 desktop support roles for their large project (17 November 2023 – 31 March 2024)

Ignite, a long-standing recruitment partner with a 9-year track record of 47 placements in the last 12 months, was engaged to meet the need.


Swift Response: Ignite’s team, leveraging deep understanding of the agency’s needs, initiated immediate action within a tight two-week deadline.

Comprehensive Sourcing: Utilised a multi-channel approach including:

  • Proprietary database (Bullhorn)
  • Established referral network
  • Targeted job boards (LinkedIn Recruiter, Seek Talent Search, etc.)

Rigorous Screening: Identified candidates with the right skills, experience, and clearances.

Strong Communication: Maintained open communication with the agency and candidates to ensure alignment on expectations and organisational fit.

Efficient Shortlisting: Provided a shortlist of 9 highly qualified candidates with completed reference checks and work rights verification, and scheduled all agency interviews within the two-week timeframe.


Successful Placements: Filled 5 out of the 15 desktop support roles, contributing significantly to the success of the project.

Proven Track Record: Demonstrated Ignite’s expertise in understanding and quickly addressing Federal Government recruitment requirements.

Partnership Approach: Highlighted the collaborative relationship between Ignite and the agency, built on trust and a history of successful placements.

Post-Placement Support: Ensured seamless transition and ongoing productivity through proactive contractor and client engagement.

Ethical Considerations:

Diversity and Inclusion: Demonstrated commitment through a diverse workforce and a focus on fairness in the recruitment process.

Transparent Practices: Maintained honesty, integrity, and legal compliance throughout, fostering trust with the agency.

Sustainability Focus:

Hybrid Work Model: Reduced environmental impact through remote work options and use of coworking spaces.

Technology-Driven Approach: Preference for online systems and meetings, minimising unnecessary travel.

Paperless Processes: Enabled electronic onboarding, timesheets, and billing for efficiency and reduced environmental footprint.

Key Takeaways:

Ignite’s agility and responsiveness in fulfilling urgent, specialised staffing needs within the Federal Government sector.

The long-term value of building strong, partnership-based relationships with clients within the Federal Government.

The importance of aligning ethical and sustainable practices with recruitment success.

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