Ignite Knowledge, Connections and Passion for Information Management at VALA2018

05 Feb, 2018
Ignite Knowledge, Connections and Passion for Information Management at VALA2018

Visit Ignite at Booth #11, Melbourne Convention Centre, 13 – 15 February 2018

Not yet registered for VALA2018? If you’re an information management professional in the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives or museums), this 3-day convention offering the industry’s most tech-relevant info and valuable networking opportunities is a must.

1,000+ participants will attend numerous presentations and roundtables featuring world-renown library tech experts and will have the chance to access greater than a dozen electronic presentations that can be viewed at the VALA conference or online.

Catherine Hill is a business leader with Australia’s leading information management recruitment firm, Ignite, formerly known as The One Umbrella. She recommends the conference to all Australian IM professionals.

“I’ve been in IM recruitment for 32 years and the evolution of the profession in the last several years has been beyond exciting. Artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things – among other progressions – are creating amazing possibilities in this field,” says Hill. “Libraries and other organisations are looking for candidates who understand emerging trends and how they may be applied to enhance value to the communities they serve. VALA2018 is a great way to learn, meet valuable contacts and energise your passion for your work.”

The conference will explore trends and offer practical application with sessions on:

  • Virtual reality: Learn the differences among augmented, hybrid and virtual reality, why they should matter to you and how to create virtual reality content.
  • Internet of Things: Discover how you can use the Internet of Things in your community programs and data collection.
  • Digital preservation: Find out what you need to know about how digital preservation is evolving.
  • APIs: Learn how to benefit from APIs in collection development.
  • Open Source: Understand what “open source” means and why you should be considering it as an option to save time, resources and budget.

Dynamic roundtable discussions will focus on how to use technology to build community, how to make data more connective and strategies for remaining relevant in the changing environment that includes Amazon. Electronic presentations will be available on topics such as measuring user-engagement, digital collaboration and creating electronic content.

Register or learn more about VALA2018.

Be sure to visit Ignite at booth #11 to learn about exciting information management roles available throughout Australia.

Not able to attend the conference or visit the Ignite booth? Submit your resume on the Ignite web site and we’ll reach out with relevant opportunities.