Copyright Officer


The Copyright Librarian will consult with all levels of Library staff, faculty members, and units external to the Library is a requirement of the position. Your new role will provide oversight of the University's copyright compliance efforts, which includes a comprehensive copyright management program for the entire University community. Accordingly, the Copyright Librarian will raise the awareness of copyright requirements across the campuses, respond to inquiries regarding how copyrighted materials may be used, and update and apply the University's copyright policy and fair dealing guidelines. The Copyright Librarian will maintain current awareness of trends and best practices in copyright compliance and will be expected to network with other universities, external copyright groups, and licensing bodies in order to further the University's interests related to copyright. Additional librarian responsibilities of a more general nature may be assigned taking into account the Copyright Officers' interests and abilities.

Key Responsibilities include:
  • Develop and implement copyright compliance programs.
  • Respond to copyright information requests from faculty and staff.
  • Conduct legal research on copyright and related issues.
  • Identify issues for consideration by the University's legal counsel when a legal opinion is required.
  • Prepare information materials on copyright for distribution or posting on the library/university web site.
  • Deliver instruction sessions/workshops on copyright and raise awareness on copyright issues with faculty and staff.
  • Manage the University's copyright policy and fair dealing guidelines.
  • Manage copyright licenses in the context of a variety of formats including reprography, digital copying and public performance rights.
  • Keep up to date on issues in copyright law, licenses and fair dealing provision.
  • Liaise with faculty and departmental copyright contact resources

This position will be offered on an ongoing, part-time (0.5 FTE) basis. Flexibilty on days and times, based on a 19 hour week at $100k pro rata.


  1. Education, training and/or experience equivalent to a postgraduate degree in Library Science or Information Management and relevant copyright experience.
  2. Demonstrated capacity to research, understand and translate complex legal material, to confidently articulate issues succinctly in policy advice and briefing documents, web materials, written and verbal advice to senior management, academic and professional staff and students.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of copyright policy issues and law in higher education, including: the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act and their application in Australian Universities; the educational statutory licenses; and the effects of digital communication technology on the relevant operations of universities. 
  4. Highly developed interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, with demonstrated ability to liaise and negotiate with a diverse range of stakeholders, and manage constructive and collaborative working relationships, while demonstrating respect for sensitivity and confidentiality of issues.
  5. Proven ability to work both independently and as a member of a high-performance team to contribute to the achievement of organizational and project goals.
  6. Ability to actively participate in, and contribute to, establishing and maintaining an effective safe and healthy workplace.
Sydney (Sydney C B D)
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