Microbiologist - Yeast

My client is a global science-led company, providing high quality and innovative solutions, with a core competency in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) but expanding beyond into new areas.
The correct candidate will join the Microbiology Team of the Scientific Services group located at the Global Technology Centre,  located in Sydney Australia.
The selected candidate will conduct analysis of samples provided by the Research Teams based in Sydney and in St Louis, playing a role in the development of novel yeast (and non-yeast) products, ensuring the safety and quality of these products, as well as developing new test protocols to measure the quality and consistency of new and existing products.
Note:  Applicates will only be considered if they hold either Permanent Residency Visa, Australian or New Zealand Citizenship.
What’s in it for you: 
  • Immediate start for the right person
  • Above market salary package
  • Collaborative , Ethical work environment
  • Motivated and supportive management team
  • Bachelor of Science with majors in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology or Fermentation Science.
  • 1-2 years’ experience in an industrial microbiology environment


  • Experience in industrial microbiology.
  • Experience in the management of Culture Collections.
  • Experience with PCR systems and molecular biology equipment.
  • Experience in designing, developing, and troubleshooting PCR based products.
  • Experience in Validation and documentation of relevant microbiological procedures
  • Yeast Microbiology.
  • Genetic techniques eg PCR
  • Yeast strain assessment
Role – breakdown and duties:
Technical Service    30%    Microbiology Team Leader
  • Appropriate techniques are implemented to address the technical service request. The Technical Service could be strain, product, quality, method, or process related.
  • Work is performed according to documented methods and within a specified time.
  • Work performed answers the question posed.
  • Clear and concise reports are prepared, which draw conclusions for non-specialists.
  • Contributions are made to the co-ordination of Inter-laboratory Proficiency Trials.
  • Carry out standard microbiology testing of yeast products, for ‘non-target’ organisms (other yeast, fungi and bacteria)
  • Strain confirmation and identification, via PCR analysis
  • Testing of non-yeast products for microbiological contamination
  • Playing an active role in improving the testing and the general running of the microbiology lab by making suggestions for improvements
Microbiological Quality     20%    Microbiology Team Leader
  • Analytical methods for determining yeast microbiological quality are investigated and improved.
  • Quality monitoring is provided in a timely fashion.
  • Outsourced testing is managed as required
  • Written reports are prepared on investigations.
  • New and modified methods are documented and supplied to all yeast plants via the Yeast Testing Manual.
Microbiology Development     20%    Microbiology Team Leader
  • Experimental designs are proposed to meet agreed objectives
  • Investigations are carried out within an agreed time.
  • Results are analysed, interpreted and reports prepared
  • Methods used are consistent with established internal or published methods.
Identification and Characterisation of Yeast Strains     20%    Microbiology Team Leader
  • Identification and measurement of characteristics are carried out accurately and reproducibly.
  • Measurement is carried out according to documented procedures.
  • Relationships between strains are evaluated and documented.
  • Interpretive reports are written on all work.
Strain Acquisition     10%    Microbiology Team Leader
  • All available products are evaluated for inclusion in the culture collection.
  • Strains are identified, characterised and added to the culture collection when applicable.
  • Properties of new strains are investigated and documented.
If you identify and have experience in the above requirements , send your Word formatted resume by the apply button now.
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