Organisational Change Manager

  • Organisational Change Managers (all levels)
  • Canberra position, Canberra City office
  • Minimum of a baseline is mandatory
There is a requirement for multiple Organisational Change Managers to help with inflight and upcoming FY 22/23 projects to deliver digital enhancements and solutions. Minimising risk to adoption and usage, reducing burden on sponsors, preparing strong change stories that contribute to overarching narratives, and minimising disruption by early and targeted tactics to engage impacted audiences.The department uses both a waterfall and Agile approach to organisational change management, each with supporting tools and templates.

As a organisational change manager, you would be expected to:
  • use these to create consistency, increase change management maturity, and deliver rapid, fit-for-purpose adoption and usage solutions
  • be supported in your role but will not necessarily be in a ‘lead’ position
  • have demonstrated experience in formal OCM methods, approaches and industry best practice (i.e. PROSCI, CMI, CMBoK) or APS experience
  • Demonstrated experience working with stakeholders to identify, schedule, and deliver change management activities.

Due to the nature of the position, only baseline or above candidates will be shortlisted. 

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