Project Manager

Job Profile

The requirement is for the provision of a project manager to manage all preparatory activities to inform development of a Telecommunications roadmap and Approach to Market (ATM). The project manager will require extensive experience in managing an Approach to Market (ATM), an ability to quickly develop an in-depth knowledge of the current Telecommunications contract and a working knowledge of the departments’ complex ICT environment.
  • Analysis of the current telecommunications contract and development of a roadmap to capture immediate activities required to extend the current contact or invoke the transition out phase.
  • Review of activities and lessons learned from the previous ATM leveraging corporate knowledge, industry experience and understanding of the departments complex environment to optimise requirement gathering activities.
  • Overall management of the Telecommunications ATM body of work including resourcing and leading a team in line with best practice tendering.
  • develop, manage and implement project plans and schedules in accordance with the department’s project management framework and consider project interdependencies.
  • manage relationships between business and ICT areas creating avenues for clear communication to ensure project delivery in line with the ICT Project Management Framework.
Job Location

Canberra, ACT, Australia
Canberra (Canberra)
I.T. & T
Newman Ponniah