Project Officer - Governance and Reporting

Our client is seeking an experienced Project Officer to join a growing program team to deliver the expected outcomes of an IT program which will provide staff with up to date tools and technology, create a modern workspace and ensure hardware and software used by staff is supported and reliable.

Your duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Plan, organise and lead reporting for the Program.
  • Integrate with reporting across the Corporate Applications branch and Improving IT Systems program
  • Develop strategies and evaluate program outcomes.
  • Strategically plan forward agendas and provide secretariat function for core governance forums
  • Share own expertise with others, guide and mentor less experienced employees and work collaboratively to achieve business outcomes
  • Construct program and work plans detailing measurable milestones, outcomes and the link to delivering strategic objectives, monitor project and work progress and manage priorities
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders across a range of complex or sensitive issues
  • Regularly modify and adapt processes affecting how work is performed in compliance with legislative, policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Recognise and resolve issues using expert knowledge and experience; identify and develop ideas, analyse alternative courses of action and their implications, devise action plans and advance new approaches
  • Provide expert advice on established technical, operational, professional and/or administrative activities, procedures, practices and project management methodologies
You must be an Australian Citizen to apply.

Canberra (Canberra)
Liz Hawke