Project Officer- Multiple roles

Our government client is seeking Project Officer. The branch is accountable to research, develop and provide subject matter expertise and support for participants in identified cohorts. The branch will work closely with Service Delivery and Performance and Pathway branches that require the implementation of specific services, considerations or pathways. These cohorts include Hearing, Autism, Mental Health, Neuro Degeneration, Inclusion Strategies, Mental Health and Communities of Practice.

The Branch are facilitators for leading problem resolutions and empowering stakeholder groups to tackle independently. The Team influence prioritising of Agency strategy and policy by providing insight of defined participant cohorts, leading to shared outcomes and overall workload efficiencies. 

The Project Officer is accountable under limited direction for delivering results in accordance with the requirements of their work area and team plans. They may exercise limited discretion with respect to how procedures and guidelines are interpreted and applied.
The Project Officer will have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the position, as well as the legislative and corporate frameworks that underpin its activities. They are accountable for organising their own workflow and for making decisions in relation to their work area and team plans to support program, project and team outcomes.
The Project Officer will be required provide detailed technical, professional and policy advice and support in relation to program and project management. The Project Officer will engage with a variety of stakeholders in order to progress and achieve program and/or project outcomes.
  • Provide advice and support on established technical, operational, professional and/or administrative activities, procedures, practices and program/project objectives.
  • Be accountable to understand, analyse and interpret legislation, policies, strategies and program/project plans.
  • Monitor and review program and project activities against plans.
  • Has a sufficient breadth of program and project expertise to identify, analyse and implement alternative courses of action.
  • Understands the strategic objectives of program and project activities.
  • Consult and share information with own team and maximise team strengths to achieve program, project and business outcomes.
Position A: Project Officer, will be placed across the Inclusion Strategies, Hearing, Mental Health and Muscular and Neurological Degeneration teams.
Position B: Project Officer, focusing on HR Support
Position C: Project Officer, focusing on Finance Officer
Roles based Geelong.
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