Release Engineer

Job Role 
  • Develop Jenkins pipelines for CI/CD in development environments.
  • Work closely with developers, testers and release management staff.
  • Input into the development of new corporate Change Management processes for the new DevOps world;
  • Performing source code management operations using IP Australia’s Version Control Tool, Subversion, GitHub ensuring adherence to IPA code management policies.
  • Automate and orchestrate deployment and provisioning tasks into containerised and cloud environments.
  • Analysing and resolving software configuration issues in environments you are responsible for.
  • Providing software configuration support for development and test environments.
  • Building release kits, including all relevant documentation, and managing distribution and deployment to pre-Production and production environments in accordance with corporate Change Management processes.
  • Develop, maintain and ensure compliance with Configuration Management Plans, Policies and/or Standards for all of the above responsibilities.
  • Support Continuous Improvements to the automation of the Continuous Delivery pipeline.
Job Location
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Canberra (Canberra)
I.T. & T
Newman Ponniah