Senior Front End Developer

Selection Criteria 
  • Demonstrated experience in TypeScript and Javascript including:
           Array and Object manipulation functions
           Promises and Function chaining
           Template literals
           Deconstructing assignments
  • Demonstrated experience in Web frameworks,
          Specifically VueJS
          State management
          Componentization of web applications
          API integration and asynchronous request handling
  • Demonstrated experience in the following:
          Bootstrap 4
          Build tools, including Webpack
          Node.js and npm
          Git and Version control
  • End to End front-end testing with Cypress, Selenium or similar
  • TypeScript/Javascript unit testing, with Jest, Mocha or other frameworks
  • Demonstrated experience or knowledge using the following:
           Spring and Java MVC frameworks
           API integration
           Pega configuration (or similar BPM tool)

Job Location

Canberra, ACT, Australia
Canberra (Canberra)
I.T. & T
Newman Ponniah