Senior Sitecore Developer

Role: Senior Sitecore Developer


Completion of, or progress towards, postgraduate qualifications in Computer Science, Information Systems and extensive experience in the development and implementation of existing and/or new applications; or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training.

Demonstrated experience in end-to-end solution delivery; from requirements discovery, through to support hand-over.

Demonstrated experience in architecting, developing and testing scalable and flexible solutions, capable of handling high loads and adapting to change. Strong understanding and demonstrated practical experience with core web principles and technologies (e.g. DNS, SSL/PKI, Load balancing, REST services, etc.)

Proven experience with current web and development related technologies, frameworks and methodologies (e.g. Linux/Windows servers, NGINX, Apache, Tomcat, SSL, .NET, PHP, Grails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (and frameworks), Agile development). Strong SQL Experience (design, development and optimization e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQ.

Demonstrated experience in setting up and using build, testing and deployment automation tools (e.g. Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Linux / Widows scripting)

Strong self-motivation to learn and evaluate new technologies to continually enhance applications.
Sydney (North Sydney)
I.T. & T
Cromwell Alvarez