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$2.64m In Savings Through Digital Transformation Consulting

26 October 2023


Digital transformation challenge

A respected state emergency services agency needed to implement 77 Royal Commission-directed initiatives following a peak crisis in 2019 to ensure heightened performance in possible future occurrences.

A significant task like this meant that the right people power, and technology had to be in place— an area that needed substantial attention. Plus, being such a fast-moving environment and high-pressure situation demanded lots of transparency, skilled expertise and reassurance— all of which Ignite is renowned for.

Digital transformation consulting approach

As a specialty area of Ignite, our digital transformation consulting team was engaged to conduct a strategic review and redesign of the enterprise-wide reporting and analytics function. This was key in helping information delivery to become much faster and more effective.

Ignite’s team were instrumental in bringing digital equipment and know-how into all areas of the organisation resulting in fundamental— yet influential— changes to how it operates and delivers value internally and to the broader community.

With a focus on optimising processes and maximising performance, we fostered successful collaboration between a team of project managers, business analysts and document writers. Our job was to ensure beneficial recruitment and implementation of these key players who had exceptional experience and aptitude to match the transformation project’s needs.

In addition to generating this team, we also helped the organisation produce the first four statements of work (SOW) and project initiation documents (PID) as proofs of concept.

The SOW became the project management blueprint and proposed the scope, objectives, deliverables, resources required and schedule of this substantial project. Coupled with an extensive PID, which informed the background and the direction that needed to be taken, helping to keep the robust organisation in alignment with the objectives and directives handed down. These documents also allowed the team to record the challenges, processes and automation, accountabilities and reduce unnecessary effort duplication.

What’s more, is that Ignite’s expert consulting team worked alongside this organisation to:

  • design a vision for the new R&A function, including 14 design principles spanning
    governance, data and system offering
  • develop future operating models
  • assign responsibilities to functions across the value chain
  • create detailed organisational structure defining the relationship and reporting line between
    each multiple teams and hubs
  • detail governance, resource skills and technology required for the new model.

Digital transformation outcome

Furthermore, a generous 30% in efficiency savings were found for each production team.

These efficiency savings— identified across three hubs for each production team— were confidently based on the anticipated benefits created through universal KPIs, accountability clarity, consolidation, report rationalisation and vacant positions.

Furthermore, we’d developed and maintained measurable indicators for results, efficiency, and effectiveness (quantitative measures). As well as policy and program effectiveness (qualitative measures) so the organisation could be sure they were meeting their objectives.

What’s more, is that there was a further 30% efficiency saving identified in each production team through technology automation and an additional 30% efficiency in production and governance due to a project management office (PMO) restructure.

The organisation now has clear, measurable indicators in place so they can readily assess results, efficiency and effectiveness of performance and programs.

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