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Case Study: Empowering Leading Telecommunications Provider with Managed Service Excellence by Ignite

18 November 2023



A leading telecommunications leader with a vast presence across 100 retail sites and 50 meeting rooms was facing challenges in efficiently managing its intricate IT landscape. This expansive network needed a reliable partner to streamline its operations and provide comprehensive support for its IT infrastructure.


To manage a complex IT landscape, including an inventory of over 3000 assets, without compromising the company’s agility and efficiency, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.


Ignite, renowned as a trusted Managed Service Provider, stepped in to address these challenges and offer a suite of tailored solutions:

  1. IT Asset Management:
    Ignite implemented its meticulous IT asset management solutions to oversee the inventory, enabling seamless tracking and optimization. This approach yielded significant cost savings and ensured that all assets were effectively managed.
  2. IMACD Services: (Install, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal):
    With its agile team, Ignite took the helm in managing Incidents, maintaining Assets, implementing Changes, and executing Deployments. This intervention ensured that the telecommunications provider stayed agile and experienced minimal disruptions.
  3. EUC Support Services:
    Drawing from their vast expertise, Ignite provided dedicated End-User Computing (EUC) support. As a result, end-user devices operated smoothly, and user issues were resolved promptly.
  4. Network Services:
    Ignite bolstered the network infrastructure to create a secure, scalable foundation, capable of supporting the company’s nationwide operations. This fortification ensured high availability and unwavering reliability.
  5. Field Services:
    The proficient Field Services team at Ignite swiftly delivered break-fix support. Their expertise also played a pivotal role in streamlining the setup for new retail locations.
  6. Store Setups:

    Ignite’s involvement ensured that store setups were executed with precision. New retail sites and meeting rooms were rendered fully operational in record time, with no delays or disruptions.


The telecommunications giant, with Ignite’s tailored solutions, saw a marked improvement in its IT management and operational efficiency. Ignite’s commitment to excellence has fortified the company’s position in a competitive industry, ensuring they remain at the forefront of telecommunications service providers.

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