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Case Study: Ignite’s Rapid Recruitment Solutions for a Federal Government Agency

23 November 2023



A Federal Government Agency, tasked with critical functions in international relations and trade, faced a pressing staffing challenge. They required the quick onboarding of 22 contractors for short-term assignments to manage long customer queues and accelerate document processing.


The Agency’s requirements were demanding:

  • Rapid Onboarding: A tight 7-day deadline for the submission of candidates.
  • Security Clearance: All contractors needed baseline clearances.
  • Role Specificity: Positions ranged from APS2-APS4 levels, necessitating a variety of skills.
  • Short-Term Contracts: The nature of these contracts typically made them challenging to fill.


Ignite, as a foremost recruitment agency, provided strategic solutions:

  • Swift Recruitment: Utilizing its extensive network, Ignite quickly identified and proposed qualified candidates within the 7-day timeframe.
  • Assured Quality: Through thorough screening, Ignite ensured all candidates held the necessary clearances and were suitable for the APS2-APS4 roles.
  • High-Caliber Professionals: Despite the brief nature of the contracts, Ignite supplied top-notch professionals who significantly contributed to the Agency’s needs.


  • Operational Improvement: The newly recruited staff efficiently blended into the Agency’s workflow, reducing queues and expediting document processing, benefiting both the Agency’s operations and the Australian public.
  • Comprehensive Support: The influx of new staff bolstered existing employees, enhancing productivity and morale.
  • Extended Engagement: Given the high quality of the candidates, the Agency retained as many as budget constraints would permit, even as initial demands decreased.
  • Efficient Offboarding: Following the contracts’ conclusion, Ignite adeptly managed the offboarding process, placing contractors in new positions seamlessly.


Ignite’s prompt and effective recruitment strategies were pivotal in addressing the Federal Government Agency’s urgent staffing requirements. This case highlights Ignite’s proficiency in delivering top-tier staffing solutions under stringent deadlines, solidifying its status as a leader in the recruitment sector.

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