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Case Study: Successful Staffing Solution for public library service New Branch Opening

11 December 2023



Public library service embarked on the exciting journey of opening a new branch to cater to the growing community’s literary needs. With the anticipated launch just months away the library recognized the crucial need for additional staffing to ensure the seamless initial operations of the new branch. However, the uncertainty surrounding council approval for permanent positions led the library to explore the option of engaging temporary staff for a fixed 6-month contract.

Project Overview:

Public library service sought quotes for 8 temporary staffing solutions for three key positions essential to the new branch’s success:

  1. Library Assistants (LAs)
  2. Library Officers
  3. Librarians

Each position carried distinct responsibilities critical to the efficient functioning of the library, with duties ranging from customer service, cataloguing, and administrative tasks for Library Assistants, to more specialized roles such as program management and collection development for Librarians.

Key Details:

  • Contract Duration: 6 months
  • Positions: A number of staff required for each role based on the operational needs of the new Public Library branch.

Vendor Selection Process:

The Public Library initiated a competitive vendor selection process to identify the most suitable partner for providing temporary staffing services. The criteria for selection included:

  1. Experience in Library Staffing: Vendors with a proven track record in providing staffing solutions for library settings were given preference.
  2. Cost-Effective Proposals: The library sought competitive quotes ensuring that the proposed rates aligned with the budget constraints.
  3. Availability of Qualified Candidates: Vendors were evaluated based on their ability to promptly provide qualified candidates meeting the specific requirements of each position.

Vendor Engagement:

After a meticulous evaluation, The Public Library Service engaged Ignite as a staffing provider that demonstrated a thorough understanding of the unique staffing needs associated with library operations. Ignite efficiently addressed the requirements for Library Assistants, Library Officers, and Librarians, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce for the new branch.


The successful engagement of temporary staff allowed the Public Library to meet the operational demands of the new branch promptly. The staff seamlessly integrated into their respective roles, contributing to the library’s smooth launch and early success. The library was able to maintain high standards of service, ensuring a positive experience for patrons during the initial crucial months.


The Public Library’s strategic decision to engage temporary staff through Ignite for the new branch’s launch, in anticipation of council approval for permanent positions, proved to be a successful and pragmatic approach. The library’s commitment to excellence in service, coupled with Ignite’s expertise in providing qualified candidates, resulted in a well-staffed and efficiently operated new branch.

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