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Comprehensive Case Study: Ignite’s Collaboration with IBM for a Big Four Financial Institution.

12 February 2024



Business Partner: IBM
End Client: Big Four Financial Institution
Services Provided: IMAC, Ad Hoc & Field Services

Project Scope

Ignite was contracted by IBM to deliver comprehensive IMAC services, ad hoc project support, and field service delivery across various branches, business banking centres, and corporate sites of the Big Four Financial Institution in Australia.

Services Overview

Ignite On Demand Services:

  1. System Migration Support:
    • Assisted in migrating hardware and software systems across numerous locations.
  2. Hardware Issue Resolution:
    • Addressed hardware-related issues arising from setup variations.
  3. New Software System Integration:
    • Implemented multiple new software systems/products.
  4. Ad Hoc Support:
    • Provided ongoing support for various emerging issues.
  5. Response Planning with IBM:
    • Established plans for urgent issues (e.g., BitLocker issues).
  6. On-Site Support:
    • Deployed consultants for necessary on-site assistance.

Relocations & Refurbishments (R&R) Contract:

  1. Project Execution:
    • Successfully completed over 350 relocation and refurbishment jobs.
  2. Service Features:
    • Availability of 1-2 consultants per job with less than two hours’ notice.
    • Flexible schedules to meet project KPIs and timelines.
    • Maintained continuity of consultants for consistent project knowledge.
    • Adaptability to scheduling changes.
  3. Project Highlight:
    • Closed 36 branches over 2 consecutive Fridays across 3 states, accommodating schedule shifts and still meeting deadlines.

Project Works:

  1. Corporate Location Support:
    • Provided project works at various corporate locations in Australia.
  2. Service Features:
    • Support for office relocations including connectivity and hardware mapping.
    • Testing works post-renovations, including network infrastructure and onsite tech support.
    • Supervised the disaster recovery program.


At the end of the contract, our client acknowledged Ignite’s significant contribution. The client facilitated discussions for Ignite with the new service provider that succeeded IBM, leading to several Ignite staff transitions to ensure continuity and stability for a Big Four Financial Institutions’ ongoing projects.

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