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Partnership with a Leading Australian Government Welfare Agency

26 October 2023



Executive agency of the Australian Government, responsible for delivering a range of welfare payments.



Contract Acquisition

Ignite’s collaboration with this esteemed executive agency began through a primary agreement with the Federal Government. We further strengthened our ties by securing contracts in areas like Architecture, Development, and Systems Test.


The agency sought a recruitment partner with expertise in procuring top-notch permanent contract personnel.

Our Strategy and Solutions

  • We established dedicated account management and delivery teams in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, focusing on technology and project recruitment services.
  • Our assistance extended to the agency’s internal recruitment campaigns, targeting roles within APS, EL, and graduate tiers.
  • Over the past three years, our modus operandi has been rooted in innovation, cultivating partnerships, and maintaining deep engagement. This approach has bestowed upon us valuable intellectual property and nurtured relationships with high-ranking contacts within the agency. Consequently, we are perceived as a reliable advisory partner by various sections of the agency.
  • Within this tenure, we have successfully onboarded 100 professionals across diverse roles. These placements have substantially influenced various strategic initiatives, making a mark in the Digital, Business Transformation, Data, Cyber, Infrastructure, and Operations sectors.


Our synergistic efforts with this government agency have been pivotal in driving them toward their strategic objectives. We’ve been instrumental in the execution of key projects and the assimilation of avant-garde technology. This collaboration resonates across the country, affecting essential welfare services provided to the Australian populace.

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