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Rapid Response Recruitment: Excelling in Government Sector Staffing Solutions

11 December 2023



An Australian Government Agency faced a critical staffing challenge. They urgently needed to fill four contract roles (APS3 and APS4 levels) after previous contractors withdrew post-appointment. The agency initially reached out to the recruitment agency responsible for the original hires, but the response was unsatisfactory and failed to resolve the issue.


Time was the government agency’s biggest adversary. They had a tight deadline to backfill these positions. Failure to do so within a week would necessitate a lengthy and cumbersome new Request for Quotation (RFQ) process, setting back timelines by a month. Consequently, they needed a recruitment firm to provide a shortlist of candidates within one day.


To meet this demanding timeline, Ignite employed a team-oriented and priority-driven approach:

  • Account Managers and resource personnel across Ignite collaboratively scoured their networks for vetted, high-quality APS 4 and strong APS 3 candidates who could potentially fit the roles.
  • A long list of potential candidates was swiftly compiled. Each one was contacted personally to discuss the role requirements and assess their fit and interest.
  • Concurrently, administrative staff were mobilized to assist in updating and formatting the candidates’ resumes and ensuring compliance with internal processes.


Within an astonishingly brief six-hour window from the initial request, Ignite was able to present the client with a thoroughly vetted shortlist of six candidates, showcasing the agency’s efficiency and commitment to client needs.


The client, originally seeking to fill four positions, was so impressed with the exceptional backgrounds and qualifications of the six shortlisted candidates that they decided to hire all of them. This decision not only solved their immediate staffing needs but also brought additional expertise and capability to their team. The client’s satisfaction with the rapid and effective response of Ignite strengthened their relationship, leading to a preference for Ignite in future staffing requirements. This outcome highlights the Ignite’s ability to exceed client expectations and provide top-tier talent under tight deadline

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