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Employee Spotlight: Surabhi Mishra

06 December 2021

Name: Surabhi Mishra

Position: Account Manager, IT & Digital, Specialist Recruitment

Location: Canberra, ACT

Ignite Tenure: 7+ years

Surabhi has been working in recruitment for well over a decade, specialising in IT recruitment and account management with both Technology and Federal Government clients. After completing an engineering degree in Mechanical and Automation, she began her career as an IT professional working with major tech companies like Infosys and IBM for over five years. In 2008, Surabhi moved to Australia. While on the hunt for local IT roles she came across our current ACT General Manager Laila Billberg, who introduced her to the world of recruitment. Since then, she has been applying her trade as an IT Account Manager at Ignite.

We recently sat down with Surabhi and asked her some questions about her Ignite journey so far and picked her brains about the local Canberra recruitment market.

Why did you choose to work at Ignite?

I was attracted to Ignite because of their strong reputation in the local Canberra market. They are an ASX-listed leader in specialist recruitment and have long-established relationships with a broad range of federal government clients. They also have other specialisations in Canberra including Business Corporate and Talent Solutions which all complement each other really well.  I was also impressed by the leadership team, particularly my direct manager who has been extremely supportive since the beginning. Ignite also offered me an environment where I was able to learn and grow in my role.

What are some key market trends shaping IT recruitment?

In Canberra, there is currently a significant shortage of technology talent. Federal Government clients want security cleared candidates with increasingly hard-to-find skillsets. This rise in demand has seen contract rates for some talent rise exponentially, which I don’t believe is sustainable long term. Fortunately we have well-established talent pools built over decades to support our clients in finding the talent they need.

What tips do you have for clients in your market?

In the current candidate-driven market, clients need to be agile and make offers quickly to secure the best talent. End-to-end procurement timelines needs to be faster to keep pace with talent movements. More and more candidates want flexibility in their working environment, which is something clients now must consider or risk missing out. Finally, clients need to explore more ways to relieve talent shortages in the market, for example by sponsoring more security clearances.

What tips do you have for candidates in your market?

Now is a great time to be a candidate, but it’s important to be organised in your job search and consider long term prospects when interacting with recruiters and employers. Candidates need to ensure they communicate well with recruiters about other interviews they have in hand so we can provide the assistance they actually need. Also, commitment is another tip that candidates should be aware of to maximise their long-term prospects.

What do you love most about recruitment?

I love building relationships with people, having the opportunity to coach and mentor them to optimise their career. I like to build trust with my clients so that they know I can be relied upon to find them the best possible talent. Everyday in recruitment is different which keeps things interesting and enjoyable.

What do you love most about working at Ignite?

Ignite has a unique culture that I love being a part of. The teams’ spirits are always high, and everyone is working towards a common goal. We celebrate people within the team and support them when they need it. I also have lots of independence to do my job without any micromanagement, and I am given the flexibility I need to accommodate my lifestyle.

At Ignite, we have some amazing people who have been working with us for up to 35 years. If you would like the chance to work with someone as passionate and dedicated as Surabhi, visit our career page today and check out some of our exciting internal opportunities.

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