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Ignite Research: How to optimise your EVP to attract the best talent

16 June 2021

Imagine choosing between two job offers with the same salary. What would motivate you to select one job over the other? We asked 185 candidates this very question to reveal their top motivators when choosing a new role. Their top motivators are:

  • Work life balance (48%)
  • Flexible working conditions (23%)
  • Career progression opportunities (11%)
  • Colleagues (10%)
  • Leave entitlements (3%)
  • Bonuses & commission structures (2%)
  • Learning & development programs (2%)
  • Office Perks & benefits (1%)

These motivators are key to building a strong employee value proposition (EVP). In this article, we discuss how our research can help you optimise your EVP to attact the best talent in an increasingly candidate-led enviroment.

Work-Life Balance
Almost half (48%) of our candidates indicated that work-life balance is their top motivator when choosing a new role. This refers to an organisations ability to define clear lines between work and personal life, and allow their employees adequate time for both. Companies that demand 24-hour contact and out-of-hours work are unlikely to acquire and retain top talent seeking this balance.

Flexible Work
About a quarter (23%) of our candidates reported that flexibility is their top motivator when choosing a new role. Accelerated by COVID-19, flexible work has become increasingly popular amongst candidates and less uncomfortable for employers. The ability to choose your own hours, work from anywhere and compress your work week to accomodate your lifestyle are highly valued benefits sought out by many candidates. In response, many companies are embedding flexible work policies in their EVP to satisfy these demands.

Career Progression
12% of our candidates reported career progression opportunities as the most likely reason they would choose a new role. These individuals are looking to climb the corporate ladder and value organisations that present clear pathways to doing so. Ambitious employees want to work for companies where there is scope to grow: a promotion, a new challenge or learning opportunity to maximise their development. Companies that don’t offer these opportunities are unlikely to attract top talent seeking these benefits.

10% of candidates reported that their colleagues play a key factor in their decision to change roles. This is not surprising given the typical office worker will spend more time with colleagues than their own family. Strong relationships in the workplace benefit both employer and employee by boosting engagement, motivation, productivity and performance. Companies that can offer prospective talent a strong internal culture and supportive work environment are more likely to attract talent who value the people they work with.

Leave Entitlements
Only 3% of our candidates selected leave entitlements as their primary motivator to change roles. Perhaps this is because many leave entitlements are legally required (e.g., annual leave, maternity leave, etc.). However, some companies will go over and above what’s mandated by offering additional leave for birthdays, voluntary work and mental health to support their employees. These benefits may not be the top consideration for most candidates, but it certainly adds value to the EVP of a particular organisation.

Candidates change jobs for a variety of reasons, and each will have their own motivation for doing so. Our research suggests when salaries are taken out of the equation, work-life balance, flexibility and career progression opportunities are the top reasons a candidate will choose a particular role over another. This has important ramifications for employers looking to optimise their EVP to attract and retain top talent, by ensuring they offer the perks and benefits their target candidates value the most.

At Ignite, we have incorporated all of these top benefits into our employee value proposition to attract great talent to our business. In fact, we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join us. Check out our career page for more information about open vacancies.

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