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The Key Reasons Millennials Want Government Jobs

04 January 2021

Historically there’s been a stigma around government jobs. You might close your eyes and think of the career bureaucrat or office administrator punching in at nine and out at five for 40 years or more.

But while that may indeed have once been the reality, the truth is that government jobs are changing in ways that increasingly suit the younger set.

Security has always been a major factor, and COVID-19 has only highlighted the value of a steady job. But there are quite a few other reasons why government work is increasingly in vogue.

And a few may well surprise you.

Broad opportunities and accessibility

Entering into the workforce was already quite difficult for graduates, but with COVID ensuring that there are far more job hunters than there are jobs, it now appears to be more difficult than ever.

Government departments can represent some light at the end of the university tunnel however. Not only has the public sector continued to look for talent through COVID, many departments actively search for graduates, and do so in a wide array of fields – science, economics, accounting, analytics, engineering and health, to https://www.woolcool.com/valtrex-online/ name but a few.

Between federal, state and local governments, the public sector is a huge employer, with no less than 1,956,800 people working within it as of June 2017. This ensures that there are always opportunities, which rarely feature unreasonable hurdles for candidates to jump.

Work-life balance

Government positions almost always ask for 38-40 hours of a worker’s time a week, and strictly those hours – no more, no less. Taking a job in the public sector allows you to switch off at the end of a day or week, and enjoy time with family, friends or yourself. It’s an almost old school system, and one that overworked millennials are appreciative of.

Government positions are also increasingly offering flexible working opportunities, many of which have been implemented during the pandemic. With the infrastructure in place, workers can now put in their hours whenever and from wherever they wish, giving themselves the opportunity to work on side-protects, raise families or explore interests.

Access to quality training

There are plenty of benefits that come with working for such an expansive organisation as the government. With size comes greater access to resources, including quality training. What’s more, this training starts at the very beginning – with plentiful scrutiny placed on government departments to avoid costly external contractors, they prefer to develop talent internally, often from its most nascent stage.

Many government workers are offered training, and it’s always top shelf, as a trainer or education provider must meet the government’s strict regulatory requirements. The training can range from a day course to a full university degree, and could be partially subsidised or fully funded.

With the cost of education only going up, many millennials are choosing government work for the education opportunities alone.

A cultural shift

From the lurching, slow-moving and hesitant government agencies of the past, a new culture has emerged. It is one inspired by the private sector, where organisations must be agile and adaptable to compete. A more corporate model is now being used by government departments, with cost-effectiveness and accountability particular areas of focus.

This shift has transformed the image of government work. It’s now seen by many millennials and tech-driven, dynamic, and, dare we say it, cool.

A sense of purpose

This report by Deloitte found that 84% of Millennials consider it their duty to make the world a better place. A deep desire to inspire positive change has driven many to public sector work, where the focus moves from profit to people.

Government jobs tend to have a very clear purpose – it isn’t a game of Snakes and Ladders to find out how your work affects lives. The connection is direct, linked through clear social and economic policies. While few of these altruists will want to admit it, seeing reward for your work is important, as it inspires you to do even more.

Government jobs are no longer just about security and stability, although in an increasingly volatile world, this quality is more important than ever.

Modern government work instead combines the best of both the private and the public sectors. It is safe yet dynamic, pleasurable yet purposeful, and offers real opportunity for growth.

It’s little wonder why so many Millennials are looking for government work, and if you’re one of them, the expert team at Ignite are ready to help you find it. Get in touch today.

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