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Transitioning our contractors to work-from-home during COVID-19

02 June 2020

When COVID-19 rapidly unfolded across Australia in March, our contracts and compliance team were faced with the mammoth task of transitioning our contractors to work-from-home (WFH) arrangements. With hundreds of contractors working across the country, it was critical that we facilitated a quick and seamless transition to minimise any disruption for them and our clients.

Our Contracts, Compliance and ACT Office Manager Sharron Bright said “this was a massive task. We realised the importance of being on the front-foot due to everything happening with COVID-19. Consequently, we set a very quick turnaround to minimise any business disruption”.

The process of transitioning contractors to new working arrangements is quite extensive, requiring significant coordination, communication and administration efforts across a range of stakeholders. All contractors were:

  • Required to complete a work-health safety (WHS) assessment form
  • Undergo assessment and approval of potential risks in their chosen remote workplace
  • Informed of all incident reporting procedures
  • Supplied with signed agreements indicating to our clients that they were WFH ready.

In just ten days, this process was successfully completed. Hundreds of assessment forms distributed, assessed and signed off. The effectiveness and efficiency of this process ensured that each contractor was ready to transition to a safe working environment when instructed to do so by their employer, many of which are still working-from-home today.

Sharron said “this was a combined effort between the contracts & compliance team and consultants to ensure each assessment was completed correctly and all contractors were ready to work-from-home. Everyone was very accommodating through the process and appreciative of the correspondence they received from the broader team”.

We would like to thank everyone for their huge contribution in facilitating this transition. Contractor care is an integral component of our organisation showcased by the impressive delivery of this process.

Author: Mark Southwood
Executive Business Analyst

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