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Full-service talent solutions

18 July 2023

No matter the operating sector or size of your company, talent is at the heart of operations. Every working day, employees will undertake activities vital to your company’s ongoing industry presence and competitiveness.

At Ignite, we understand that great workers are integral to business operations. That’s why our talent solutions are designed with efficiency in mind so any organisation can find the right person at the right time.

While the modern workplace landscape is currently characterised by worker shortages and increasingly complex workforce needs, our recruitment approach blends innovation, transparency and a sense of partnership.

This way, combined with our consulting expertise, thought leadership and business agility, you can be assured that we connect you with the optimal talent and skill sets.

Providing as-a-service human resources, technology, and recruitment solutions offers both short- and long-term operational benefits. Strengthening both your business outcomes and workplace culture.

Lean on our experience

Through forty years of experience and a passion for recruiting, our contractor workforce solutions are one of Australia’s largest. Complete with top-tier professionals with expertise in a range of different sectors; our esteemed talent network helps to streamline the recruitment process.

This inherent understanding of skill sets, preferences and psychology means meaningful partnerships can be formed throughout our range of talent solutions specialisations.

By turning introductions into long-term relationships, we are better placed to understand the factors motivating each individual across our range of talent pools.

In the short term, our distinct approach can work to boost talent acquisition and attraction, engagement and even retention for the most complex and unique job requirements.

In the long term, these creative and tailored solutions help to future-proof your talent pipeline. Giving you the assurance that you can confidently undertake projects.

As-a-service solutions

Our forty years of industry experience ensures we can offer incomparable as-a-service human resources, technology and recruitment solutions.


In the technology space, our leveraged, outcome-based solutions encompass:

  • data and analytics
  • cyber security
  • transformation and advisory
  • process automation
  • architecture
  • cloud and infrastructure
  • digital development
  • CRM and ERP
  • Microsoft Ecosystem


By providing supplementary staff, our first-class strategies are equal parts time efficient and flexible to enhance your projects during the start-up, delivery, and closure phases.

This includes:

  • program and project management
  • architecture
  • business analysis
  • data and analytics
  • process automation
  • cloud and infrastructure
  • cyber security
  • digital development
  • CRM and ERP
  • Microsoft Ecosystem
  • SAP, Oracle

This efficiency extends to our whole-of-market approach to outsourcing services such as talent mapping and workforce planning, including:

  • proactive building of talent pipelines
  • innovative talent engagement
  • project RPO solutions
  • behavioural profiling
  • artificial intelligence tools
  • workforce planning
  • competency-led assignments


Merit-based volume recruitment services

Operating on a national, virtual or hybrid basis, our talent solutions are all-encompassing, and we have extensive experience delivering merit-based volume graduate and volume recruitment projects in the federal government, state government, and enterprise clients.

Future talent program

Our future talent service helps future-proof your resource needs and talent pipelines that you can staircase through your organisation.

Typically, we identify a cohort of undergraduates, people transitioning careers, or people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds and engage them in a merit-based assessment process. This cohort is then offered a bespoke training program whilst working in your technology, business or operational teams.

Beyond this training, applicable to your future business needs, you can directly employ these individuals in your business.

These people are highly talented resources of the future and will form a crucial part of your high-performing teams where you are able to leverage the positive behaviours that excel in your business. For these exercises, we can utilise our strong relationships with our training partners and align your exercises to the SFIA 8 framework.

Our current future talent programs include the following areas:

  • data science
  • cyber security
  • architecture
  • software development (Java)

Organisations we have provided talent solutions services for:

No matter your talent solutions needs, Ignite is on hand to help you today.