Five most common programming languages used by software engineers

13 Jul, 2022

Software engineers design and develop the technological solutions that address key business problems.

They are the masters of programming languages, and enable businesses to reap the full benefits of technology in their business. In todays digital landscape, they are in very high demand.

In this blog, we discuss the five most common programming languages used by software engineers in Australia.


Java is the programming language behind most mobile and desktop applications. It’s popularity stems from its speed, reliability, user-friendliness, versatility, and flexibility. It can be written on any device and transferred across multiple platforms making it highly valuable to employers with large technology teams working collaboratively. Java is the official programming language of android applications and is the language behind some of the most popular applications worldwide such as Netflix, Uber, Google and Spotify.

According to LinkedIn, there are approximately 19,000 (37%) software engineers with Java skills in Australia, which is growing 13% each year. This makes Java currently the most common programming language used by software engineers in Australia.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is used by organisations to manage and manipulate data within their relational database systems. It enables companies to communicate with their databases, by using SQL statements to update, retrieve, create, insert, delete and manipulate data as required. Data is increasingly driving strategic decision making across all business areas, making SQL a valuable skill for software engineers to have in their technical arsenal. Some common examples of relational database management systems that use SQL are Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and others.

There are 18,500 (36%) software engineers with SQL listed as a skill in Australia on LinkedIn. This talent pool is growing at 12% annually which is above industry average. This makes SQL the second most popular programming language currently used by software engineers in Australia.


C# is a general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft. It was originally designed to be used across Microsoft’s .NET framework that runs primarily on the Windows operating system, which is used by many businesses. C# is a highly versatile language used across many formats including desktop and mobile applications, cloud services, websites, enterprise software, gaming and much more. Organisations are investing heavily in these areas making C# a highly valued programming language for software engineers.

There are approximately 14,500 (28%) software engineers with C# skills in Australia on LinkedIn. With an annual growth rate of 11%, C# is one of the slower growing programming languages for software engineers in Australia. This is partly due to its increased difficulty to learn, but it it also considered one of the best languages to learn to understand how computers work.


Python is another general-purpose programming language used by businesses in multiple ways. However, it’s considered easier to learn and less confined by strict syntax rules prevalent in many other programming languages. Python tends to be used most in web development and graphic user interface design, which aims to enhance customer experiences on digital channels. Some of the most popular websites in the world like YouTube and Instagram are built using Python. Which has contributed to its sharp rise in popularity.

According to LinkedIn, there are 13,200 (26%) software engineers with Python listed as a skill in Australia. It is statistically the fastest growing programming language among software engineers in Australia with an annual growth rate of 26%, almost double other popular programming languages.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard programming language used to structure web pages. Think about the headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullet points, links and images that make up online content on company websites. HTML is used to improve digital user experience, which is vital in modern businesses that rely on their digital channels to reach end-customers and make money. Therefore, software engineers with HTML skills are highly valued by organisations.

According to LinkedIn, there are 13,200 (26%) software engineers in Australia with HTML listed as a skill. This is growing annually at 14%, which makes it the second fastest growing programming languages of the five we’ve explored in this blog.

Software engineers are masters of programming languages. They allow businesses to reap the benefits of technology to boost their operational efficiency and customer experience. In this blog, we’ve discussed the top 5 programming languages used by software engineers, highlighting their capability and employability in the current jobs market. At Ignite, we specialise in IT & Digital recruitment. We understand the technical and soft skills that technology talent needs to be the right fit in commercial and public sector organisations. Our teams are experts in working with technology talent, including software engineers, and sparking exceptional employer connections for them. For more information, visit our IT & Digital recruitment page today.