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Ignite and Yirigaa Announce First Nations Technology Project Partnership

08 July 2022

We are excited to announce our First Nations Project Partnership with indigenous IT professional services group Yirigaa. The First Nations project is a collaborative partnership aimed at raising awareness for indigenous culture, upskilling indigenous talent with critical IT skills, and improving their employment opportunities and outcomes in Australia’s technology sector.

Yirigaa is an aboriginal-majority-owned and managed information technology and cyber professional services company. They familiarise organisations with the importance of indigenous culture and kindship, and create learning, internship, and employment pathway opportunities for indigenous, diverse and under-represented groups in Australia’s IT industry. Like Ignite, Yirigaa is an Australian Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) provider, allowing them to sponsor candidates for Australian Government security clearances in technology. They also train and certify talent with industry recognised credentials through their Cyber Security Training Academy.

Ignite is a diversified talent business that specialises in IT recruitment, managed services and career training. Our commitment to diversity & inclusion, particularly for indigenous Australians, is something we are very passionate about. In 2018, we were the first non-indigenous recruitment agency to have an endorsed Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We also developed an indigenous recruitment strategy that helped first nation talent access more roles within Australia’s Federal Government.

The First Nations Project Partnership will see Ignite and Yirigaa become First Nations Reconciliation Cultural and Kindship partners.  Yirigaa will be Ignite’s First Nations digital technology, training academy, managed services and SECOPS partner. Ignite will leverage its strong public and private client relationships to raise awareness of indigenous culture and deliver improved employment opportunities and outcomes for Yirigaa’s network of indigenous technology talent.

Ignite and Yirigaa are both passionate advocates for educating and employing Australia’s first People to fill the rising skills and resources gaps in Australia. Together, we will help build self-sustaining and culturally aware inclusive industry workplaces and improve employment outcomes for indigenous talent in Australia’s rapidly growing technology industry.

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