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Managed service providers: Four reasons why you should consider IT outsourcing

04 June 2023

Commercial IT spend is on the rise as new technologies emerge, data consumption rises, infrastructure evolves, and core business offerings migrate online. In turn, this is affecting how businesses utilise and manage their IT resources, to ensure they deliver a valuable return on investment (ROI) for their business.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the proliferation of Managed Services Providers (MSP’s), enterprises that deliver their unique products and services to support and optimise the fundamental departments that underpin all businesses. This rise in popularity has changed the way companies approach their capital expenditure, looking to streamline costs and boost performance. For IT departments, this has resulted in more companies looking to replace or augment their existing in-house teams to better leverage the power of technology.

Some may call this digital transformation, but we call it the rush to stay competitive in a forever changing world. In this blog, we discuss four key reasons why this is the CASE.

Cost Efficiency

Simply put, managing IT resources internally is expensive and takes up precious time. Not only do you have the rising expenses of buying and maintaining hardware and software, but you also have the hefty price tag of acquiring and retaining the right talent to manage them. All these activities take time, and add risk to a business’ bottom line. As organisations become increasingly reliant on technology, it becomes increasingly unrealistic to possess an in-house IT team capable of managing everything from infrastructure upgrades to software updates, and everything in between.

By outsourcing to an MSP, you can remove a significant amount of these cost burdens by managing these processes remotely and only paying for the products and services that your business actually needs.

Access to talent pools

Ask any technology recruiter in Australia, and they will tell you the difficulty of sourcing top technology talent, let alone retaining them. Companies across all industries are competing for an increasingly finite resource, meaning finding the right talent to execute your IT strategies is a challenging proposition.

One way to combat this shortage is to leverage the talent pool of an MSP. MSPs are experts in their specialist field (or fields), typically underpinned by high quality talent who can deliver their products and services on demand. This means by outsourcing your IT resources, you immediately gain access to hard-to-find personnel you may struggle to find on your own.


Are you about to commence a new IT transformation project? Or about to go through a period of high seasonal demand? Your IT needs are constantly fluctuating, meaning you need to be equally as agile in how you address them. Internal IT teams will always have their strengths and weaknesses, unable to adapt to changing capacity requirements to accommodate your evolving needs.

Conversely, MSPs provide you with access to the personnel, products and services you need when you need them, granting you extra flexibility if you need to scale up or down.


Ultimately, you want what’s best for your business. You want access to the best products and services that can be delivered professionally to streamline your operations and boost your business. Outsourcing your IT resources is one way to achieve this because it enables you a superior breadth of expertise. MSPs can cover your skill gaps or add to your internal capabilities. From cyber-security to cloud migration, data analytics to network management, MSPs provide businesses with the technical capabilities you need to get the most out of your IT function.

Technology is constantly evolving, as is the way companies manage and leverage its power to enhance their business. MSP’s are one available avenue for companies to save costs, access talent pools, increase scalability and add expertise to their IT function. Whether you choose this avenue or not, or adopt a blended approach, is up to you.

At Ignite, our IT managed Services division On Demand can provide all your IT outsourcing needs and more to support your business and drive your strategic technology objectives.

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