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Catherine Hill: A Veteran Specialist in Information Management Recruitment

24 March 2024

With nearly four decades of dedicated experience, Catherine Hill stands as a true veteran in the field of information management (IM) recruitment. As an Account Director at Ignite, a leading Australian recruitment agency, Catherine leverages her specialist knowledge of the library, records, and knowledge management industries to match exceptional talent with the right organizations.

The Path to Recruitment

Catherine’s journey in recruitment began in 1985, sparked by her own background as a qualified librarian. Recognizing a gap in the market for contract and temporary work opportunities for librarians, she initially considered developing a new service. Instead, she joined Library Locums, a pioneering agency focused on this niche, and has been an instrumental force in Ignite’s continued success.

Focused Expertise

Catherine specializes in recruiting for library, information management, records management, and knowledge management roles across all levels of seniority. Her in-depth understanding of these sectors allows her to precisely identify the skills and experience necessary to fill positions and drive organizational outcomes.

A Tailored Recruitment Approach

Catherine’s process prioritizes in-depth collaboration and understanding. Her first step is always meticulously understanding the specific requirements of a role. To uncover the right fit, she leverages Ignite’s extensive talent pool and targeted advertising strategies. Candidates are carefully vetted, and the most suitable individuals are shortlisted for presentation to the client. Throughout the process, Catherine maintains clear lines of communication, guiding both clients and candidates to the best possible outcome.

Success in Placement

One of Catherine’s notable achievements involved assisting a public library with staffing their new branch. Faced with a temporary hiring need, Catherine quickly filled 8 essential positions with qualified professionals on 6-month contracts. This timely placement ensured the new branch opened with a skilled and dedicated team, demonstrating her speed and efficiency.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Catherine maintains her industry edge through consistent professional development and proactive engagement. She and her team have corporate memberships in key organizations like the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA). Catherine is a firm believer in networking at industry events and conferences and actively tracks trends through social channels.

Driven by Impact

When asked what motivates her work, Catherine points to the tangible results she helps create. The satisfaction of finding the perfect fit for both candidate and client is a key driver. She takes pride in facilitating career growth and helping organizations achieve their goals through the power of the right talent – that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

For professionals in the IM space, or organizations looking to find the best people in these key fields, Catherine Hill and the team at Ignite are poised to provide expert guidance and exceptional results.

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