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Melanie Macri: Pioneering Recruitment Excellence in Information Management

20 March 2024

Melanie Macri, an esteemed account manager specialising in information management recruitment at Ignite, has an enriching background that spans the book and library industries. With a foundational education culminating in a Master of Arts in German literature, Melanie’s professional arc includes significant tenure as a Key Account Manager at James Bennett, a role in which she immersed herself in the library industry and cultivated enduring relationships with librarians. This role not only amplified her sector-specific knowledge but also underscored her innate aptitude for building connections, a skill that seamlessly transitioned into her recruitment career.

When approached by Ignite to harness her industry acumen and relational prowess to address recruitment challenges, Melanie recognised it as an ideal alignment of her skills and aspirations.

At Ignite, Macri specialises in recruiting for the Library and Information Management sectors, handling positions across the spectrum from entry-level to senior roles. She emphasises a comprehensive recruitment process, which starts with a detailed understanding of the job role and extends through candidate sourcing, screening, and final placements, ensuring continuous support and communication with candidates throughout.

One of Macri’s cherished success stories is the placement of nine candidates in a project initially intended for only five, demonstrating her ability to exceed client expectations and secure optimal outcomes.

Her approach to candidate engagement is deeply rooted in industry expertise and a commitment to building personal connections, which are crucial in a niche sector like information management.
In collaboration with clients, Macri prioritises understanding their unique needs and company culture, often through on-site visits, to ensure the right candidate placements that resonate with the organisational ethos.

She remains attuned to market trends, noting the significant shift towards digital records management and its implications for staffing and industry education. Facing the challenges of recruitment head-on, Macri emphasises the importance of a robust talent pool and a strong brand presence to attract top-tier candidates, particularly in the specialised information management field. Her commitment to professional development is evident through active participation in industry associations like ALIA and RIMPA and continuous learning through courses and networking.

At the heart of her motivation is the joy of connecting clients with the right candidates, fostering career growth, and contributing positively to individuals’ lives and organisational success. Macri’s story is not just one of professional achievement but a narrative of passion, dedication, and the transformative power of thoughtful recruitment in the dynamic field of information management.

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